Micaela in Paris - Part 2

Part 2 of Micaela in Paris

butte aux cailles

Lycee Arts Graphique Corvisart is an art and design school near my house.  i always wondered what this place was and mentioned it to josh and he wondered too and he looked online and it happened to be a open house tht very day so we went over there to check it out.  there are a lot of super talented artists and me and mike left not feeling very good about ourselves.  I wonder what would have been if i had gone to this kind of school.  this schools facilities are like better than FITs.

I bought a box of cards.  these kids have talent!

they had a big room full of machines that i have never even seen before.  all kinds of printing, laser cutting, screen printing, even a Styrofoam cutter.

couldnt decide which crop was better

dreaming big

dreamt big.  went and did it.  living the dream.

why snowpants?  it's like 50 degrees out.  there is no snow.  you are in Paris for dieu's sake not in the g-damn mountains of germany!  seriously who throws on snow pants to go touring around Paris!!!!????

very next to Palais Tokyo

Pont Alexander III, the bridge where owen wilson meets the girl in the rain at the end of midnight in paris.  also mike went to dinner with her bosses who happened to be in paris and went to an expensive place and she met and talked to Owen Wilson while they were waiting to be seated cuz he happened to be standing right next to her waiting too.

the iphone 5 camera is not bad.  it also have a panorama function.  this is from mikes phone, mine is just an iphone 4 and the camera sucks.

La Palette is a super trendy and cool cafe in St. Germain.  There is a line and a wait to get a table outside.  I feel like this is where you would come after you grew up and felt too old to go to Le Progres (the cafe where i shot all those fashionable people before).

seating inside is easier

Pont Neuf

Philou is a restaurant off of Canal St. Martin that me and mike now whole heartily recommend.  the staff was super nice and polite and accomadating.  the food was awesome, the foie gras was amazing.  go here!  you gotta reserve on the weekends for sure, and at least a day in advance.

a pheasant stuffed with bacon and maybe foie gras?  and lentils.  then leeks with some kind of magical mixed butter like stuff.  what an appetizer.  all the appetizers we saw looked awesome and so did all the main courses.  for mains we got magret de canard (duck steak basically) and joue de beouf stew (beef cheek) and they were awesome.

this is the best foie gras i've had so far.  we have an inappropriate joke involving angels for how good it is.  the ginger bread it came with was awesome.  those beans might be truffle oiled up.  go to philou!  its 25 euro for the set dinner.  originally recommended by ellen, a foodie.  thanks ellen