Micaela in Paris - Part 1

Micaela came to visit she is a veteran of Tokyo and London (and new york). 

Chez Gladine is in the Butte aux Cailles neighborhood near my house and has huuuge salads and other cheap food.  Lunch is 8 euros!  The food is not bad too and they give you huge portions.  Here is a basque omelette with thin fried potatoes inside. 

some kind of chicken with bacon and something

Rue Mouffetard

how lame reading Jack Kerouac's classic "On the Road" on ile st louis while watching a live band.  (you can find the same book on my nightstand now).

Bertillon on Ile St. Louis is famous for its icecream.  I heard its hot chocolate wasn't bad too so we went to check it out.  Good stuff.  not as good as the molten dark chocolate and heavy cream one I drank at the Salon du Chocolate that can make you OD on with an amount the size of a nyquil cup.  We saw a guy next to us order a huge tall rediculous looking icecream sunday, hot chocolate, and cake.  it was all for himself.  We were inside the tearoom part with huge bouquets of flowers and the like.  we were joking that maybe he got fired today and instead of going to the bar he came here to the Berthillon tea room to blow off some steam

the tea room at berthillon

Picked up a copy Le Nouvel Observateur with my first french job inside.  It's one of the biggest new magazines in France.  I did a full page and a spot illustration for them.  emails and communication were in french so it really was a "french" job.

story is about dating services for the rich.  There is one that is 5,000 euros to join.  some of the clients make crazy requests like they must be 1 meter 82 centimers, Argentine, a surgeon, own a helicopter, graduated from Harvard, etc....

me and mike went with Sonya to VIP club behind the louvre.  Inside its like a music video.  There is a rotating dance floor and Amazonian dancing girls on the elevated center.  There was nothing but tall hot models inside.  They were all too hot and numerous for their own good.  It was rediculous.  I mean what are you supposed to do with this? also cocktails were 20 euros and the only beer they had were bottles of Kirin for 15 euros.  If we weren't with Sonya who was on the guest list i don't think we would have gotten in.  If i was younger my eyeballs would be on the floor and i would think it was awesome.  too many douchy guys and douchy girls.  what do you call a douche bag that's a female?  It was kind of cool to have my life put through a music video filter for a few hours.

the pants, the big coat, the haughty look.  these pants and huge coats for women are in this winter.  I drew this girl as part of my "Les Parisiens" illustration series.

I will miss this when i leave france.

cool wine label

memories of Asia where old people don't give a F.  Parc des butte-chaumont in Belleville

inside Rosa Bonheur inside Parc des butte-chaumont.  A way cool place

it does exist in France, in Belleville

of course a game of pétanque along canal st. martin

The girl of Ahmed's dreams at "West Country Girl".  gourmet crepes here with leeks are the bomb.  reservations a must for the most part.

West Country Girl sign

Cafe Le Progrès is super cool and the people you will find there are super cool.  It's in the area between republic and north east marais.  This is Catharina who i drew as part of my "Les Parisiens" illustration project.  We ended up talking to her and taking so photos but the candid ones were better.  Check out her huge bomber jacket, from her friends shop "Mimi's Beer" down the street.

hanging out on the sidewalk, drinking and smoking.  its a great place to get photos or sketch because everyone in paris smokes so that means everyone will eventually come out to the sidewalk for a few minutes.  prime people watching.  its a hotspot!

We met David and Iga at the next bar we went to.  After I looked at the photos later it looks like we got a photo of them.  I say we because Mike had the camera for a lot of the time.  When we met them at Candalaria they said they saw my hair at the cafe.

effortless parisians

from the upstairs window

The War of the Clans.......of cats.  they are f'ingggg cats!!!!!! jesus get over it!!!!! 12 million readers.

Iga's huge coat.  Iga used to model for John Galliano from age 15.  Now she's a photographer and has shot for Rollingstone, Marc Jacobs, L'Officiel, and the list goes on.  Shes Polish and beautiful and only 22 yrs old and like an angel and more of an adult that i'll ever be.  WTF, how is it all possible?


Iga, Marie, David.  David invited us to his house where a bunch of his friends were having drinks

did mike take this photo?  nice job

all the wine bottle openers were lost

Jeremy works at Ogilvy and knows Myriam who works there.  Paris isn't that big i guess.