That Biaatch Winter Has Returned

as you saw last week this same photo had sunshine and bees.  this week it is covered in snow spring left now that that biaatch winter is back in town.  i hate her so much

I like them better without snow

first time i've seen a woman putting make up on on the train.  in asia you see it ALL the time.

why don't they ever do this!  and why doesn't anyone ever get that 457 euro fine!!!

anti capitalist party with music, expos, bar, food.  I don't see any city of paris logos on here so isn't this kind of a misnomer?

Canal St. Martin

10 bells is a cafe just off canal st. martin.  the owner is french but loves britain.  is this named after 10 bells in london across the street from spitalfields market?  i think everyone working here was british

how awesome would it be?

i like what this boutique is throwing down, especially that knit sweater on the right

Cirque D'Hiver looks like is has ads up for a real circus.

there are some crazy trees in paris that i have to get around to using in my illustrations.

after my snow photo walk i went to get this 130cm x 81 cm canvas from Rougier et Ple finally.  it was 52 euros (like $64) so i had better put out.  It's kind of daunting looking at this huge white canvas knowing that i have to turn it into jason's universe. 

that same glorious sunlit shot from my window last week is now replaces with snow and a super excited golden doodle

by night.  Spring will come back, she always does