Spring Maybe?

is spring here?

i went to the library inside the Pompidou center because Ornelly has been going there everyday to prepare for her new job.  it was about 50 percent students and 50 percent 40 yrs + men, the later were using the free tvs, newspapers, magazines, and warmth and chairs.  i'm gonna guess most of them are recieving gov't aid so they can do this everyday

I love how they cut the trees square here

pont alexander III in the background

this looks like it should say new jersey transit or port authority.

Marco and I met Julie back in 2009.  She has since lived in tokyo for almost 4 years.  She's from france and was visiting.  she's an illustrator too.  http://www.blog.julieblanchin.com/

Martin my classmate from Agentina, Achara from Beijing, Ahmed from Saudi Arabia

picnic at the playground with Julie, her brother, cousin, and friend

we were debating over what this structure is that they're building.

Frenchies reading the paper on Ile Saint Louie.

best street music i've heard so far.  usually its blues, and blues is cool but what i wanna hear in france is django reinhart-ish jazz which these guys where doing.  usually you see a guy with that metal guitar like django but he'll be playing blues or some crap.  these guys had an accordianist too!  and the bassist sang.  sweetness.  thank dieu that the bridge wasn't filled up with those rollerblading weirdos again.

these signs seem pretty super heavy duty for these trees

fashionable french girls sitting by the seine.  could you ask for more?

shooting something.  Julie recognized the lead old actor as a famous comedian

it was paris fashion week. english speakers galore

eiffel tower flashing lights reflecting on apartment windows

I got a little too turned on by this Eric Bompard ad I saw.  they were playing a whole HD ad of this yeti embracing this girl