Spring Is a Fickle Dame

Le printemps est une changeante dame.  Spring is a fickle dame, it was here one day, gone the next

who's is this?  i found it under my bed and no one is claiming it.  Christopher Isherwood, Goodbye to Berlin

le Pompon near bonne nouvelle is a place for cool people with a door guy, seems like its not really a problem to get in though.  it was super fun downstairs, they played 90s-current hip hop and they did it well.  it was super packed and it seemed to be a majority english speakers.  it was fashion week so who knows.  I even saw the fashion photographer Phil Oh who i told looks like bob.  there's a bunch of cool guy bars in this area


found this at carrefour, have yet to try it but the tin (P.S. that's what they say in England instead of can) looked cool.  looks like its big beans with duck inside

Fedex in france looks like its still in the 80s.  Where is my barcoded trackable door tag on color sticker?  this looks like it should say "memo from the desk of Jean Rosenthal".  it doesn't even say they're coming back for 2 more delivery attemps, i have to call them back.  i have heard reports of people never recieving their packages becasuse they will just say it was refused by the recipient when it never even came.  I enjoy how they have to put chere(e) client(e) to cover the male and female bases, the E at the end makes it feminine if you add it.  actually i hate masculin and feminine in french language so hard.

taking photo reference.  I'm getting hit by a taxi.  look at my stupid face in the mirror.  I have a whole library full of me looking stupid from years of illustration reference.

2 years since the earthquake in japan. It was the most stressful time of my life. Aftershocks galore, threat of nuclear radiation, all combined with working on a huge advertising project deadline. I don't feel random ghost shaking anymore. Another reason to live your life to the fullest. is japan ok? western media has forgotten about it.  I saw this photo exhibition of tsunami photos at the time and 2 years later at the Maison de la culture du Japon à Paris.  on another note it seems like its always free and right next to the eiffel tower so its a good place to take refuge from the heat/cold and soak in a little japanese culture.  the street sign says place de kyoto.

the seine next to trocadero.  eiffel tower behind me

Carol's apartment in clichy.  she painted all her furniture this color.  is this vermillion?  i love it.  we painted our kitchen this color when we lived on 52nd street in ny

a 10 liter box of wine.  Carol only drinks good wine so this is another example of how box wine is not a joke here

that blue and mustard.  these were the hot colors like 2 years ago but i like them so if they are around for a while longer that's ok with me.

very friendly cat in square des peipliers near my house.

yes this is from our back yard!  these cherry blossoms have been in bloom since like march 5th.  on this day the sun was out, it was around 50F and the bees were all over this thing spreading life around.  the next day spring was gone again.  enjoy it while you can

the view from my window by my desk.  pretty sweet for paris

tried Jaimie Oliver's beef and ale stew recipe with guinness.  popped it in the oven for 3 hours.

aimez-vous bordel (do you like whorehouse) i don't get it, it's bad grammar and punctuation.  this looks like the person that writes "regarde le ciel" everywhere but all french people have cute cursive writing like this that they learn in school.

"street art" encouraging deviant behavior on my street.  looks like elementary school kids trying to emulate the butte aux cailles street artists or this is the worst mushroom tag made with a number 2 pencil ever.

the corner i love from the italian place on the corner of butte aux cailles and 5 diamants.

so things worked out and jaimie oliver gets 1 star in my book.  2 more stars and i can say that i'm down with Jaimie.