Marco de Madrid - Part 3

part 3 of marco in paris

Grande Mosque de Paris

this pattern always faces mecca so it gets rotated

not too many comments about how cool we are please, we know

more at the institut du monde arabe

another example of my polarizing filter in action.  here it is without

here it is with.

view from the terrace at the top of the institute du monde arabe

these things in the window used to open and close like camera shutters depending on the temperature but aren't working now

a side building of the institute du monde arabe

what's happening?  the seine flooded over the banks

gare de lyon.  Scorcese's movie "Hugo" was based in this station and gare du nord and the old gare montparnasse

movie rental place.

at Robert et Louise in the Marais.

getting my physical to recieve my carte de sejour so i can legally live in france.  i waited with the rest of the foreign scum and they called my name and took a chest x-ray for tuberculosis then i sat and waited again.  then they called me for my weight, height, and eye test which was reading 3 letters with each eye.  when they took my height they slid the thing down to the top of my hair so i got an extra 4 cm!  then i waited again and i ended up talking to a doctor who asked me if i smoke and if i'm ok.  i said yes i'm ok and he said ok and stamped my paper and that was it.  wtf.  right next to that room is a prefecture de police office where they had my card all ready and waiting for me to pay my 368 euros (for the highest level of carte de sejour, 3 years).  

it's official, i'm official!  on facebook the majority of comments were about my helmet hair, it seems to have people perplexed and even offended.  i don't know dudes, it was 2008 and i was trying to get my visa to china so i tried to take the nicest photo possible without crazy hair or anything.  

an international dinner at my house.

at the panic room.  i wanted a picture of her cat sweater but it looks like it comes included with a douche bag.  also i've never heard douche so much in my life here (douche means shower in french).

Le Taxi Jaune in le marais.

duck something with mashed potatoes at the bottom and some kind of meille fueille like crust on the top.