Presque Noel

Presque Noel (almost christmas).  a few days til christmas in paris

a shopping trip with the cousins

somewhere in the 11th

Bonsai trees at Paris Bonsai in the 15th 

various bonasai training tools 

this is the tree we got josh for christmas.  he is the perfect candidate for raising a bonsai because he loves asian culture and likes to respect the most minute aspects of it, he researches things thoroughly, he's got a green thumb, and he is responsible and reliable.  He also has the heart of an artist and patience.  You need all of these, I had 2 bonsais in tokyo and they both died.  This is an 8 year old tea tree originating from China.  it needs to be repotted in april and flowers with white flowers.

place vendome via rue st honoré

velib double up

charging the free electric cars.  on the side is written "libre comme l'air" (free like the wind).  I love that

place de la concorde xmas time ferris wheel seen from the tuilleries

pigeons and hooves


searching for their next target at the tuilleries.  there are quite a few seagulls in Paris for some reason

trampoline playground area in the tuilleries looks super fun.

rollerblading weirdos again this time on ile st. louis

looking out from a table outside at the St. Regis 

I went out to get some photos of people and just as i was unlocking my bike i turn around and the best shot of the day was standing right there.  I'm guessing she's a northern european pixie who has lost her way


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