Noel à Paris

Christmas Day in Paris.  forgot the dots above the "O"

tree filled up

julie got me some safety gear

here it is without the filter on there so you can see how dark it is.

you rotate the filter to get the anti glare powers out of it.  here is it before

here it is after.  i saw that the human eye actually shows the rooftop above as blown out.  of course the garden isnt black to the human eye but there are all part of the photography battle.  i have to play around with this more

harry potter wands

the weasly family wands for 40 euros each

demonic chocolate papa noel

next to chez marianne in le marais.  did my new polarizer help this shot?  i'm not sure cuz i don't know what i'm doing yet.

school next to chez marianne

love how there's so many windows jammed in everywhere

lamp and dress.  color combo

from les philosophes in le marais

that bridge between il de la cité and ile st louis (pont saint louis)

contents of my stocking.  puzzle cube, lollipops, a top, pez dispensers and pez, candy cane, toothbrush, xbox live 800 points card, metro tix, metal bird, santa and snowman figures, nerds not part of it they just ended up in there somehow afterwards.  possibly made of tin from seattle frog was not in stocking.

got "on the road" by jack kerouac, i've been meaning to read it for years and now i finally can.  i tried to but the forward was like an hr long.  also go Paris vs. New York, the book that you see everywhere in real life stores and online.

le petit chaperon rouge, uniqlo heat tech shirt, i've never actually tried it but have purchased it for my whole family.  Kitsch calendar.  Not pictured: more presents from my cousins and others including a mug and hot sauce that are upstairs and i'm too lazy to get them to photograph them.  Thanks for the gifts everyone!

rubber lens hood that is too big even in its smallest "setting".  check out the pics below.  Canon focusing screen.  from what i gathered it has a grid on it so you can get straight shots because my are always crooked and then i have to crop and rotate them and lose precious inches of photo.  I didn't know that you had to install it inside of the camera body, i thought it just slipped in the eye piece part!!!!!  also i looked again and this is not the screen with the grid, this one helps you do manual focusing better.  oops

here is the lens hood full extended.  WTF!!!! If this is truely the Fotodiox 3-Section Rubber Lens Hood, Sun Shade, 77mm then WTF!!!! also amazon recently started compiling all the customer reviews into one, meaning if i am looking at this 77mm fotodix lens hood reviews they also include the reviews for the 50mm, 72mm, etc... This is not cool!  they are definitely not the same product and shouldn't be treated as such.  and WTF, to all the people that reviewed this lens hood and said it was good, this is totally unusable.  were they all using 100mm lenses when they reviewed this?  I'm using the 24mm f/1.4 L lens.  It also screws INTO the filter and not onto the lens which feels very bad

look even in the lowest setting you can still see the lens hood in the corners!!!! WTFFFFFFFF.  Thanks for the gifts mom and dad, this lens hood was a trail thing for me anyway.  Well Joyeux Noel from Paris!