Ensuite - Part 3

the ads in the subways are huge and in these nice frames and probably looked awesome years ago but now look like sheit just like the ads all around the world in this modern age.  And what's the name of that disney movie in English?  I'm sure its not "Cinq Legendes" (the 5 legends) in america.

a store in the Marais called "Thanksgiving"

its supposed to have something to do with Louisiana.  Everything here is super expensive.  I got a 6 kilo turkey for 67 Euros!!!

Our Boulanger (baker)

on Bobillot passage du moulin des pres.  there was a woman walking around and she came over and talked to us and it turned out to be the artist and owner

Dimsum with my classmate Lisa.  Its nice to know that no matter where you go in the world some things are the same, including rude service and awesome uniforms at Chinese restaurants

I wonder what kind of sizzlin' music happens on this stage around Chinese new year

A temple way back inside a parking garage in Chinatown.

housing in Chinatown, at least they tried to make it mod a little bit.

Metro Corvisart line 6 near my house.  

the school i went to for 2 months so far, Alliance Francaise.  It's actually maybe the best school i've gone to in all of the 5 countries i've studied languages in.  Including China, Japan, Korea, Spain, France, (and the US but i don't think that really counts for me at least).

Butte aux Cailles

I did it!  I read 2 books in 1 year!!!!  I'm a big boy now.  tomorrow i'm gonna try to tie my shoes all by myself.  A Moveable Feast of Ernest Hemingway.  Its cool that i know all the places that he talks about in the book and that the names and places all are mostly still here in Paris.  He used to hang out kind of near where I live.  I like/dislike his long drawn out metaphors.  His situation mirros mine in many ways.  He is basically working as a freelancer in Paris.  waiting for clients to pay him, wondering when everything will dry up.  There's a part in it where he goes to the Louvre with F Scott Fitzerald to console him about the size of his weiner. 

Epson Stylus Photo R1800 has 9 ink cartridges an costs like $600 but i got it used on Leboncoin for like $100

Epson Perfection v100 photo scanner.  a cheap scanner.  the never v models have the same design.  I bought this used on Leboncoin for $20

i do not recommend this scanner for illustrators or anyone that wants to scan things larger than A4 because of the raised edge shown here that will crease your paper and also where the lid attaches to the body it will ruin your paper even if you disassemble it as much as you can.  also there are no drivers for it for the newest mac OS (12/8/12) so i have to use macs proprietary software that pops up when you press the scan button.  Bad Scanner bad!  i would not buy the newer v300 either because of the same design flaws.

Logitech Z 523 2.1 speakers.  Every review outlet online recommended these speakers but I do not!  they don't sound good even after changing the equalizer settings on itunes.  and whats worse is that everything is more expensive in europe so i paid like $70 for $50 speakers and i'm stuck with them.

I'm now an Iphone 4 owner (not 4s).  I have to say that i'm very disspointed in the iphone.  Its like a fischer price my first smart phone phone.  there are almost no options.  many apps that were free on android like Whatsapp cost money on the iphone.  The new maps made by apple and not google on the new ios6 suck so so super hard.  The only thing that's better is that you can actually use it as a phone as an mp3 player and phone while with my HTC android phone it was useless as an mp3 player.  both phones have horrible horrible battery life.  I like android better i have to say.  my old HTC android phone was the cheapest model so it had 128 mb of internal memory which is not enough at all forcing me to delete apps everyday until i couldnt delete anymore.  So the iphone will do for now but I like android better.