Ensuite - Part 2

Cafe Les Deux Margots, where hemmingway and picaso used to hang out.  its the most expensive espresso i've had so far in paris (4.2 euros, expensive is usually 3 euros).

my friend hyunjeong goes to SciencesPo university.

the bastille roundabout

bastille market on a thursday

who buys cow face?

saint felicien, roquefort, and st marcellin from the bastille market.  they are magnificent

what did he just eat.

inaugural game of petanque with my new old petanque set.  we went down the street to bobillot and rue du moulin des pres where there are two courts.  there was dog sh!t in one of them.  Seriously Paris i'm done with your dog sh!t everywhere

Nicolette didn't believe me that i needed to take my camera incase we saw a heart shaped vegetable or something like that in Chinatown.  and little did you know that we did!

rue des artists off of rue Alesia.  I always wanted to photograph this place when i rode by on my bike so this day i did but by the time i got there the sun was gone, which is to be expected in paris.

Looking north on avenue Renée Coty

U-Lock on a wheelchair left outside

Looking north on avenue Renée Coty

up there is rue des artists, down here is avenue Renée Coty

regime change.  looks like its no longer rue denfert-rochereau, now its avenue denfert-rochereau.  don't know what the difference is.

I've been searching for fall leaves for the last few weekends and couldn't find any in the tuilleries and finally found some at jardin du Luxembourg.  Online it says that there aren't really fall leaves here, they just kind of fall off and die without looking colorful.  I have found this to be true.  so if you're looking for leaves like in japan or northeast USA you might have to go elsewhere in france   

Jardin du Luxembourg is a small park but there is actually a lot to do here here.  Hemmingway used to stroll through the park often

many Petanque courts

love how they cut the trees square in paris

this thing is awesome.  you swing along this track like you're donkey kong jr. 

a much bigger fountain than in the tuilleries but the boats don't look at nice.

i was jealous of all these little kids.  I will rent one of these boats some day!