Au Revoir L'Automne

Autumn is almost over.  it goes a little longer here

I went to the Salon du livre et de la presse jeunesse (children's book expo).  I was able to sign up to meet with some art directors there.

La Sorcirère au nez de fer with illustrations by Gwen Keraval

La vie parfaite du maharadja illustrated by Julie Mercier

exhibit by Atak

La Chose illustrated by Alexandra Huard

C'est l'histoire d'un éléphant illustrated by Guillaume Plantevin

Le grand voyage de mademoiselle prudence illustrated by Charlotte Gastaut

La Befana illustrated by Sébastien Pelon

Robespierre is where the salon was and its pretty ghetto and right next door to it is this.

i forgot to include a photo of how crowded it really was.  it was full of kids so it seemed more like for kids than for middled aged women with rolling suitcases there to solidify deals for millions of dollars of book deals for the upcoming season.  kids are ok a few at a time but in the thousands, thats too much.

It was like a smokehouse outside, like every adult smoking outside created a curtain of smoke.  great for the kiddies.

robespierre metro

more butte aux cailles street art 

Sainte Anne bakery has a Japanese head baker.  it's on rue tolbiac

this has been here for over a year since the first time i ever came to paris.  they must like it because they painted over the wall but painted around this artwork

this square near our house again.

Microsoft holiday party sumo ring

me falling off this surfboard simulator

xbox kinect dancing with nicolette

the littlest chefs

we did this carving class and made these with leeks, apples, and a pepper

mind is blown.  its a giant bread loaf with sandwiches inside!  some kind of magic is at hand here.  white magic