Zhu Ru in Paris - Part 2

part 2 of zhu ru in paris

btwn rue monge and rue moufftard

rue monge

scouts gettin' serious at Arena Lutece

40 euro bottle of wine.  it was pretty damn good.

eiffel tower

these lights on the seine looks a lot cooler in person

princess diana's memorial that isn't officially her memorial but it is.  she died below this in the underpass.

canal st. martin

Hotel du nord is a nice spot.  Hotel in french doesn't just mean hotel it also means other stuff too.

i always wondered why there were euros coming out of this guys pee pee but then zhu ru pointed out that its his pocket.

we went to eat at Mous's restaurant "Soul Kitchen", awesome french soul food, super nice family.  We met Mous the chef and owner at a bar down the street the night before.  01 rue martel, 75010 near canal st. martin.  phone 06 18 42 02 50
he has no presence on the web and likes it that way

he's french, his wife is german and they both speak english.

oh looks like they've been putting big freaky eyes on animals since the renaissance and that i'm not very original at all.

toilet at the louvre.  every urinal should have a golf flag on it showing you the sweet spot so you don't splatter yourself with your own urine.  its one of my pet peeves in life.

the louvre, behind the les arts decoratifs building

back in the louvre, i'm going to be "inspired" by this hand and use it in an illustration.

the tuileries

the toy boat rental guy

first time i've seen a fountain with the water squirting out of female bits.

i have wanted to sail a boat here for a long time but when we got there he said there is no more wind and the park is closing in 20 minutes anyway.  

he didn't want to end up doing these stranded boat rescue missions with a string and a hook.

le petit gruffalo.  i've never seen him before but i guess it was a british children's book

from that awesome corner on Ile St. Louis.  we drank wine and picnic'd on cheese, cured meats, chocolate, foie gras, bread, and veggies  and ended up meeting a group of people next to us and drinking with them too.  French people are friendly contrary to popular belief

we sailed a few of these boats in the seine since we couldn't do it earlier in the day.  one of them survived for like 3 minutes.

two of the peeps we met.  

they filmed gossip girls here i guess.  tomorrow it's off to Bordeaux and the south of france