Cianfrani à Paris

my old roommate in williamsburg came to visit. He's doing a 6 month artist residency in Berlin

next to Cafe Rouge is Bar Rouge, they had wireless headphones for people to wear so they could boogie without waking the neighbors.

this was the best day of Matt's life, getting to spoon a frenchman on the back of a bike.

this seems like the one wall that every butte aux cailles street artist hits

Cianfrani's best attempt at being cool. not working. he seems to have everything down but for some reason i just don't like it one bit. limp baguette?

took my cousins to play petanque by canal st. martin.  It was basically all of us trash talking each other for 2 hours.

i got them to do this but nicolette wouldn't join in the back

how expensive does this espresso machine have to be? i can't even imagine.

the tram on the border of paris in the south. i don't think many people get down here.

eco housing?

the antique market at port de vannes. the started closing by the time we got there so we only got a little sampling of it.

a Citroen DS 20 it looks like. the internets say it might be the last classic french car. this one looks like it was one of the models from the 70s.

relaxing and doing nothing isn't just for grandmas, even the pigeons in paris chill on the grass on sunny days. i keep saying how hard it is to work here as a freelancer because due to socialism and the culture it seems like working your a$$ off is lower on the list of things to do and i feel less compelled to hustle. i've never seen pigeons hanging out on the grass in a park like this before. ah france.