My Bike

Look who got a bike!  were you looking for a new desktop wallpaper?

went to visit my friend and illustrator Eleonore Zuber.  she lives in this awesome place right on the seine on the left bank.

smallest elevator i've ever been in.  doesnt look that small from this angle though

her parents own the apartment across the hall and this is the view from their apartment!

they made me escargo (snails)!!!

she does a lot of children's book.  check her out, Eleonore Zuber

french test pattern

something josh made.  he's always making creative stuff.  bravo

les invalides, louis the 14th made this for the old and unwell soldiers.  there's a mote around it 

I guess they take english titled movies and make their own english titles.  what gives?

Mille Feuille (1000 sheets).  these things are kind of hard to eat and the filling is basically in a bunch of other deserts so i don't know how many of these i'll be eating.

the louvre at night.

I finally got a bike!  It's a "vintage" Peugot from the 80's.  steel blue 10 speed road bike complete with foot holders and straps on the petals, rear wheel generator for the front headlight and rear light, and front and back breaks.  the frame is a little too tall for me but i love this bike and its in great shape.  I got it used from a guy on (it's what they use here instead of craigslist).  i got it for 250 euros ($325)

check out the detailing.

made in france.  it was important that i get a french bike, because i live in france of course.

first time having a bike with the gear shifts down on the lower cross bar.  will have to get used to shifting gears without crashing.

i took the white straps off and am thinking about taking the foot holders off because i don't like my feet trapped in there.  if i was really riding this tour de france style or for long distances on the road i would leave them all on but in the city i have to stop and go and jump off too much.

josh went out with me to take a few photos with my new bike so i got the most frenchified as i could.  and no i'm not serious dudes.  on facebook some friends saw this photo and thought i was serious.

is this a poster waiting to happen or what?  they shoot movies on this street and the cool thing is its right around the corner from our house.

a parting shot for you.  soak it up