Hot New York Summer - Part 3

this guy came up to me while i was waiting for zhu ru at the pet store and said "where did you get your balls from"?  i was like what are talking about.  he said, your balls, you got big balls and nice shiny white teeth.  then he asked me for a quarter.  then he put his arm around me.  was he trying to strong arm me or was he just crazy?  i was getting annoyed and wanted dude away from me and didn't want to have to do anything.  then he said, "what, you know kung fu or something".  and i looked at him and said i might, then he walked away and turned around down the street and said that's a nice camera take picture of these balls.  so i did, end of story

went on a night shoot with jack and anna's brother.  this is the manhattan bridge

manhattan bridge again via the brooklyn bridge park


anna's brother and jack.  please not too many comments about how awesome and cool we look

jane's carousel by night

brooklyn bridge via brooklyn bridge park

manhattan bridge again after a boat made these water ripples making this look like a miniature set.

shark's fins in chinatown.  one's on the right are $398/lb!!!

will came to visit

Zhu Ru and Layla of Estuaries at the Curve Expo at the Jacob Javitts Center in NYC

They had dancers from the Crazy Horse Cabaret in Paris fly over and do a show in various designers swimsuits including Estuaries

Sarah and Charles of 3x3 Magazine, THE illustration magazine in america.  they are very cool people.  I'm going to have a feature in their next issue!