Bienvenue à Paris! - Part 4

part 4 of my first days in paris

bebe a bord!  you can guess what it means

more street art around butte aux cailles.

another haul from Carrefour.  Mousse de canard (duck) is stronger tasting than mouse de foie.  Terrine de campagne is pretty cool.  i didn't know what i was doing but i hoped that i bought milk and i think it was.  this avocado from africa was not that good.  the one i got from some south american country a few days later was pretty good though.  signal toothpaste, who knows if its french but i'm trying to buy french stuff and not colgate and american stuff.

our corner.

Canal St. Martin.  this is in front of a hipster cafe.  this is where Amelie skips stones in the movie.  maybe i'll come back and get the exact place.

giant street art by Monsieur Chat.  if you live in a major city in the world then you've seen this flying cat.

canal st. martin

what's the de campagne mean?  i looked it up finally and a baguette de campagne is similar to sourdough.  the dough is fermented for a few hours.  Maroilles cheese is not my bag, but then again i have to try all these cheeses again sometime because they are just from Carrefour which is not the best.

I mentioned that there aren't many french actors to this french guy and he was like what are you talking about, and i mentioned the guy from Amelie who plays a mentally challenged guy who works at the fruit stand.  I showed him this photo i took earlier.  I guess his name is Alain Chabat.  As soon as he saw this he was immediately ashamed and laughed and said, oh no, Marsupilami, no.  I would be ashamed too.

our street

down in the metro.  the dude on the right that looks like a cop, isn't, he works for the metro and he just happened to be walking by when i took this photo and spoke english and said it's forbidden to take photos in the metro.  wtf.  

Cafe Rouge up by Oberkampf.

steak tartare is raw minced beef or horse mixed with some other stuff.  oh come on, it's yummy.  it's like eating a rare burger kind of, but different.  i'll eat it again

after the success of velib, the free bike campaign, libre comme l'air are free electric cars that are now all around paris.  im not sure how it works

i went to the Paris police prefectural office twice to get told to come back tomorrow and then to go to the OFII office in Bastille.  Once there i waited online for an hr to get in and then when i showed that i was here for something related to the carte competences et talents visa the woman got on the phone and called another woman who immediately came down and got me.  she didnt speak english and wrote down in pen by hand in pen a list of the documents i need to get.  WTF, any person getting this visa is not french, which means most of the applicants aren't french speakers, why do they have someone who only speaks french explaining this complicated process?  and why don't they have a g-damn website or at least some g-damn computer printed materials instead of this written on the back of my envelope.  that's france for you

Southpark NOoooOoooOoooo!!!  i like how even with this they are making fun of france.  a guy with an accordian and a beret, red scarf, striped shirt, beret wearing artiste. hahaha.  the clips were not dubbed in french by the way, subtitled!!!