Bienvenue à Paris - Part 2

more paris

Butte aux Cailles is a famous street very close to my house with cool restaurants and cafes.  It's about the only thing that the 13th arrondissement has going for it besides Chinatown (which is really little vietnam, false advertising).  The area is covered in street art, a lot of it is good street art.  How is this guy/girl doing this many colors?  tons of sencils?  also Mr. Nice can F off, he's everywhere and he sucks.

view from Les Cailloux, a famous italian place on butte aux cailles.  its sweet cuz they have wifi and are on the corner of this triangle.  i come here with my laptop sometimes.

where moulin des pres and butte aux cailles meet.

part of the cured meats section at Carrefour.  grocery shopping is a whole new universe in France.  and it's one of the coolest things about moving to a new country.  the cheese section goes on forever and around the corner even.  

the first haul.  I'm living with my aunt and uncle and two cousins and they were gone for 10 days.  the kitchen sink was broken so i had to buy light groceries and this is what i came up with in the first round.  I learned that Fromage Frais is not yogurt, that Reblochon cheese is illegal in the US cuz its made from raw milk, and that there really is no replacement for V8 (although japan comes closest so far).  the can looked like french soul food so i got it.  the butter is made with milk from Normandy and the other cheese is Bleu Auvergne.  the beer was good.  

I was most excited about those little ceramic yogurts!  the blue ones are limited edition apparently.

the backyard

neighbors house.  you can actually see like 6 or 7 houses because of the way blocks are set up here.  Our backyard is touching 5 other back yards, its called "île ouvert", open island

butte aux cailles again.


there are these gas stations randomly in places like this.  what gives?

is this what norwegian kids are about?

Jardin du luxembourg

i dig this jebus painting.

somewhere near st. germain des pres maybe?

samaritaine.  don't know what it is.

Rue Montorgueil is famous