Around - Part 2

around paris part 2

man i should get one of these.  how cool and elegant does this look?  oh the french

L'Illustre Boutique inside passage du grand cerf somewhere near the marais.  i talked to the woman and she's not an illustrator but she likes illustration and so she opened this boutique.  bravo madam!  she says its all french illustrators in here

chez nenesse somewhere in the marais, corner of rue de poitou and rue de saintonge.

train runs super close to this buildings.

another street, with another random beautiful structure at the end of it.  aren't you getting sick of this already?

from the third floor window

our corner

street art near butte aux cailles

chanterelle mushooms, aka girolles in france

huge spider, there is a 4 pack of toilet paper there for a size comparison

another haul from carrefour.  mousse de forestiere is pretty cool, chokella cereal looks like its made from the same thing nutella is made from, the cucumber soup says its number 1 in spain but i never had it there.  it was kind of tasteless but what did i expect, i'll try to make it myself sometime.  Morbier cheese is just ok, acceptable.  i never buy sweet stuff but i was craving twix. and of course a baguette