Hong Kong - Day 8

day 8

I took a trip down to the south part of hong kong island to aberdeen.  Aberdeen harbor is famous for its floating village.  There are lots of Tanka people here, they are usually associated with the fishing industry according to wikipedia.  this looks like where you catch the boat to the huge floating restaurant "Jumbo".  it's free and you get to see a lot of the harbour apparently but i opted for the semi private junk tour.

the junk i rode on.

you wouldn't know it but she is the gazelle of the water, maneuvering her craft with those handles with laser precision.

i'm pretty bummed that i didn't get up and get to that side of the boat to get a shot of the back of Jumbo floating restaurant because it looks awesome, it looks like its straight out of Tekkon Kinkreet (an awesome japanese animated film an manga series).  I thought we would circle around and my side of the boat would have its day in the sun because that's what the boat had been doing previously, but it didn't and all i got was this shot!

this Brit had this little GoPro HD camera.  you can get this little handle for it that telescopes so you can get shots like this.  apparently the quality is not bad and he said he's super happy with it. 

Jumbo floating restaurant.  the front is cool, but the grungy character of the back looks so much cooler to me

in the middle of aberdeen.

freaky lion

this was at some temple in aberdeen that was in the book.  nothing special for you to go out of your way to see.  it like a 10 min walk from the harbor

somewhere near aberdeen along the west side of hong kong island.  its probably not even close to aberdeen but that's my only reference point.  I forgot to mention before this i had to go get my driver's licence from the post office, a post office in the middle of nowhere.  it was so hard to find.  Jennie was never home to recieve my envelope with the licence i forgot in korea so i had to go pick it up.  i climbed a lot of stairs and went up and down mountains and finally found it.  what a strange 2 hours.

towering towers over the harbor.

holes for good feng shui i'm assuming

that's dedication.  it was the middle of summer and HOT and there they are doing maintenance on this tiny shrine on the side of some mountain in the middle of nowhere.


waited to catch a freighter boat peaking out in between the buildings.  If i was a real photographer i would do tons of waiting everywhere all the time.

my next task was to find Ronnie's friend's tea shop in Kennedy town.  again with the going up and down mountains searching for it.  Kennedy town has a different vibe.  why are there no photos?  i don't know.

finally found it.  Derek was a cool guy.  his family has been running this Tea business since 1938 and now they are the third generation.  I bought a bunch of tea including, this monkey paw tea.  back in the day monkeys used to pick the tea because it was so high up as a high altitude tea.  I got the espresso of teas, whatever its called, and also pheonix eyebrow tea that has the white strands in it, don't know what it is.  and a some other kinds.  Kee Heung Chun Tea Company.  they are at G/F 30A Belcher Street, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong.  www.hkctea.com

super expensive pu'er tea.  pu'er is my fav but i could never afford this stuff.  some of it is aged for like 80 years.  pu'er is actually better the older it gets and doesn't decay.

temple street market.

Australia dairy company scrambled eggs and corned beef hash sandwich.  not bad.  all the amazing looking scrambled egg sandwiches I found online ended up being really north in the new territories and that's far to go for a sandwich. 

i think they used the dictionary too religiously here

yes please

couple doors down from Chungking Mansion in a shopping center

this is what i'm gonna end up doing when i'm all worn out and bankrupt, reproducing paintings by chinese artists in a sh!tty alley right next to Chungking Mansions.

at this gallery inside of harbor city mall

freakishly long legs made even longer by 4 or 5 inche heels.  she was caucasian.

temple street market by night.

fortune teller laughing because they are totally buying his bullsh!t and paying for it.

this guy got mad that i was taking a photos of his fake Dre Beats headphones.  Now i see how everyone in HK has them.  

i ate here. 

blue girl beer, it's from HK.  nothing special.

this was the next day on the way to the airport for an impromptu trip to singapore.  my tip is take the airport bus if you can, it's way easier.  I moved over to a hostel on hong kong island, it happened to be the same one i stayed at 4 years ago.  back then it had a sign on the door put up by the city saying that businesses in the building were operating illegally.  now the sign was gone.  i guess its called "Hong Kong Hostel".  creative.  it's more popular and has a lounge where i heard people from all corners of the earth talking in english and drinking beer and talking about the differences between their countries cultures and all that wonderful crap.  3rd fl, block A, 47 Paterson street, causeway bay, Hong Kong.  they are not that friendly but get the job done.  the location is awesome and its cheap so i guess i can recommend this place.  too bad that nice family that runs ashoka hostel doesn't run this place, they were very friendly.


tifffany_keep_going said...

it's very nice to read your blog, i am from Hong Kong btw! but i have never been to the places you visit!