Hong Kong - Day 3

day 3

I think i had to work this day so i didn't get out until the sun was at this level but boy was it nice for these shots right in front of the Chungking Mansions.

tried to go shopping in Mong Kok. 

I often say how gross Chinese women's shoes are and people always say, what do you mean, what are you talking about.  Well here is one example.  i should have taken a day and photographed women's shoes so i could better defend my claims but this is all i have.

horribly edited but you can see how Chinatown in NY or anywhere is just a weak watered down version of the real thing.

took a run along the water so i had to use my camera phone to take this photo of the bruce lee statue on the avenue of the stars.  It was filled with chinese tourists going bonkers over the various stars with chinese actors/actresses names on them on the ground.  And also dudes, what are you doing?  neither one of you is anywhere near the correct pose.  god!

granville or cameron road, forgot.

HK seems like its about this.  well half of it, the other half is about classy import cars but the main theme is import cars and $

got my haircut at this place.  i walked around and looked up at the 2nd story salon windows around granville road and ended up going to this place.  they spoke english when i called the number in the window but the girl that ended up cutting my hair didnt and so my hair got f'd up.

next to Jordan station.

the Australia Dairy Company.  Irene that i met on the street the night before took me here.  


their specialty is this kind of stuff.  it's like chicken broth with macaroni and ham and eggs.  also scrambled egg sandwiches and other quasi american/western foods with a hong kong twist on it.  I ended up eating here twice and it was all delicious except i wouldn't order this macaroni thing again cuz it's kind of a travesty of american food, like something i would make in college with crap left over in my refrigerator.  but it's not bad.  that white stuff on the left is some kind of custard.  i can recommend this place.

behind chungking mansions.  i mean come on, look at the architecture all over HK, it's so different and colorful and busy, i love it.


Leah said...

So happy to of stumbled onto your travel journal today while researching things to do in Hong Kong. I am planning a short trip there next month and your blog posts about it have been really helpful!

Btw, I see on your itinerary you have listed possibly going to Taipei in the future. I think you should definitely make a trip to Taiwan part of your future travel plans! I've lived there for the past four years and it's a pretty intriguing island.