A Night In Shanghai

my feet were feeling explody but it was my last night in shanghai so i wanted to go back out after dropping some stuff off at home and take some pictures of the bund at night.

internet cafe

more majong action

probably wujiang street.  I stumbled upon this place.

box toss

let's dive in

cane juice?

squat right down in there 


saw this over the top of this wall on a random dark street that turned out to be nanchang road.  went in to find the surprise below.  

a shop called "pop classic sneakers".  the specialize in selling shoes not just made in china but designed in china too.  Feiyue used to be a cheap brand of shoes that you buy for $10 in chinatown to go to kung fu class in.  3 french dudes bought the rights to it or something for europe and started revamping the brand, and i mean really revamping from sh!t to a popular shoe brand in europe now.  i saw their website and they even make saddle shoes now.  they actuallyt make cool shoes now, and i got some for $9.  they also sell a lot of warrior and ospop.  It's run by jacob wang.  lots of cool stuff in here!  No. 130 Nan Chang Rd, Shanghai


that's one sad cat.

they could give two jiaozi what you think.  the street is their living room, and you're just gonna have to live with it

this could be my new prized possession.  I got it at the Propoganda art center.  I think it was like $15 which is a lot for china but i love it.  cultural revolution ballet.  the only form of western dance allowed at the time.  I feel a little weird being so turned on by these communist beauties, and are they supposed to be dressed up like men?  even weirder.  

lapel pin to show your commitment to stuff, the chairman, motherland, communism, cultural revolution.  I got bob one too.

looks like korea and china teaming up against america.  you get the picture if you read the translations of all the posters from earlier in the day.

the room in Motel 168.  it was down in the basement so it was cheaper.  I think it was like $22 a night.  who cares if all you do is just sleep there.

went back out for this.  the bund at night.  long exposure

still not getting the HDR to not look all grey and turn the colors all weird a lot of the times.

HDR made the colors all weird again so i went black and white.  is this the first black and white i've posted?  i think this shot especially looks better this way.  See that lens flare?  that's cuz the sh!tty canon lens hood is gone.


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