Seoul One More Time 2

Ssam bap is maybe my favorite thing to eat in korea.  Here is a chart of the possible leaves you get.  Below are some possible combinations you can do.  the combos are endless.  you fold the whole thing up and shove it in your mouth for flavor explosions that this western raised tongue has never experienced before.

yoon has room for a full sized ping pong table in his house

club eden.  man i am old or something.  this place sucked.  i hate techno music.  everyone was trying to look cool real hard.  i knew this going in though.  it's just been along while and this was a very harsh reminder.

model of Namhansanseong, the south fortress at han mountain south east of seoul

what's it going to be yoon?  what's it going to be.

printing pixilation this bad shouldn't exist in 2012 but it does.  more often in asia than in the US.

tonkasu hill near namsan.  its a hilly street of all fried pork cutlet restaurants where the guys on the street try to wave you in, as you can see in the picture.  we tried the very first one on the hill and that was a mistake.

gross florescent lighting

looks awesome right?  wrong.  it was really thin, and just not that good.  sauce was good that's about it.  so if you ever go to tonkasu hill then do yourself a favor and don't go to the very first one you see.