Osaka Hanami

yes hanami again!  this time in osaka near vivi's house at Tenmabashi.  the weather was perfect, and it is a smaller less popular place so the vibe was more relaxed.


Guy is goin' solo.  and why not?  when its like this for 2 weeks a year why not do it everyday?

what are they eating?

at first i thought this was a small newfoundland and i asked the guy but he said it was a some weird mix like a labradoodle or something.



vivi and eisuke

kohei, gorilla, eisuke.  badasses

land rover

kohei recently had a bicycle accident

but now everyone can laugh about it.

obligatory flower shot.  

homeless tents by the river.

hopefully you can see how this is the best time in Japan.  Good times a'plenty.


more drinking back at viv and eisuke's house.

when girls get drunk all they really want is yoga.