Meguro Gawa Sakura

Oops I forgot this post!  now the Japan 2012 trip pictures can come to a close.  I had deadlines but i decided that the moment was too fleeting and i had to go down to the meguro river at that very instant on this perfect sunny day to photograph the cherry blossoms before they were gone.  It was a good call because the next day it rained hard and the blossoms were pretty much gone.  I finished my deadlines on time too.

besides getting drunk and eating a shit load of food aren't we supposed to be thinking about the fleeting nature of life and how fragile it is?

E'ry day i'm shufflin'

whatever side you look at it's beautiful.

although working in japan sucks really bad cuz of the long hours and overtime and over zealous team spirit mentality it must be nice to have your lunch in the sun by the river under the falling petals everyday for 2 weeks.

this is basically the spirit of sakura season in japan summed up in a photo

in late april the rivers run pink/white with petals.

sticking her false eyelashes on the subway pole

you're supposed to throw these balls at thieves and it marks them or something. i've seen these a bunch of places like matsuya, sukiya, lawson's, etc...