Harajuku Fashion Snap

time to put that new 50mm lens to use and go shoot some people shots in Harajuku, the place to be for fashion and weird fashion and girls

some new building opened up including tommy hilfiger

don't you wish these were your friends?

the lolita thing?  don't understand it.  would love to read a good essay on this phenomenon in Japan.


either there were two girls that were the exact same build wearing the exact same unique outfit with the exact same friend wearing the exact same thing or this girl was wearing a blonde wig and the parted with it 10 minutes later by the time she walked by again.

what are all these street scummers doing?  trying to get hair models?

seeing this makes me want to go home and throw my camera away.  thanks for ruining it for me a-holes

little pork sausage boots.

contrary to popular belief, bad taste is alive and well in tokyo.

gyaru style

tons of 'em rockin the face masks.

again the lolita thing, what's the deal psychologically?

and then you have to look at this loli girls and really wonder what the hell is going on.

hey girls lets all wait in line for 20 minutes for desert crepes! great idea.

mens clothes in japan are pretty sweet.  tons of details and new twists on stuff that you don't see elsewhere.  i always say if you're black or japanese you can get away with wearing anything.

my friend hiroko (below) said they looked totally california style.  i guess this is the japanese idea of California style

this is hiroko who graciously participated in today's fashion snap trip.  I met her in beijing in 2008

a pro street snap guy (he's ducked down behind the other easter egg girl)

a late bloomer.

the new skate park at the new miyashita park between shibuya and harajuku.

i never noticed this homeless street between harajuku and shibuya.

they have these make shift houses that don't seem so make shift

i was really in the mood to by a $150 cantalope or honeydew melon and then much to my delight i found one!  the one in the back right is $210 US dollars!  how is it possible?  how!

exposure fusion shot of shibuya crossing and center gai.