New York Wrap Up

wrapping up a 3 month stint in NYC

the godfather sandwich from Graham Avenue Meats & Deli.  its like $7.50, has a tone of italian meats on it.  it's a legend and its pretty damn good.  super nice guys too.  although the owner was involved with the mafia in an extortion case where not so nice convos happened in the meat locker.

Stacy's bullsh!t Aero Garden 3 hydroponic super garden.  looks like its gonna be a bumper crop this year.  enough to spice up 1 slice of pizza.

more pics of Max, Chocolate labrador extrodanaire.

my old mentor John Nickle had a show of his children's book art at the Brooklyn Public Library.

Las Ramblas tapas restaurant in the west village.  Las Ramblas is my least favorite place in Barcelona but i wanted some spanish food.  it's ok i guess.  my standards are too high now.

deceptively huge arepa from the place right next to the marcy ave J,M,Z stop.  its 70% fried greasy dough and 30% arepa.  beware.  not good cuz of the grease

wenlin pan sophie W and steven at it again.  after many pints and then several rounds of PBRs and whiskey shots.

no actually lady Fu on you and your orange in a bag, medical shoes, and SCOOTER!!!

3D printer at FIT.  it actually prints out resin to create 3D objects.  its used to make things like knee joints but also used to make things like false front pieces on ATMs so thieves can steal your card info by installing the false front and then retrieving it the next night along with everyones recorded info.  at FIT its gonna get used by the toy department mostly to create prototypes of toys.  i saw some crazy working gear thing sample they printed.

this is basically what ellen is all about.

she's also all about this taco from taco bell that has a giant dorito chip as its shell.  it wasn't that good.

Kawasaki NYC subway car made in Yonkers, NY and Kobe, Japan.

sorry but how can you say no to max?

how can you say no to this?

west 4th street.

garbage dump in canisteo, NY.  recycling section.  much of the US has to actually take their garbage to the dump and take their recycling there and not leave it on the curb.

Canisteo Valley

un-PC wordage at Wegman's in Hornell, NY.  Oriental is not politically correct dudes!  people will ask, what are you talking about Jason?  The use of the word oriental groups everything east of "Europe" into one glob, stripping each country and culture of it's unique heritage, culture, identity, and so on.  it's a Eurocentric word that should be replaced with "Asian" i guess.  

my old FIT classmate James Lake successfully completed his kickstarter campaign and self published his own book, "Three".  he even drew me on the envelope he mailed me.

i was on the cover of W.E.B. magazine in Korea again.

Brody the Newfoundland.

I made my mom buy sponge bob's house for their aquarium and i don't even live there.  just need to find a little sponge bob somewhere now to fufill my whim at their expense.