Oh, Harro Again Again

More of my return to Japan.

this cursed intersection that I saw everyday on the way to school

my old tokyo roommates Naoki and Aka, eating at our favorite sushi place in Meguro Atre 2
Naoki took us to this coffee shop down a side street in shibuya.  inside its quiet and looks quasi european-japanese style, like it was inspiration for Hayao Miyazaki's set designs.
hanami season means that a lot of places have huge cuts of cherry blossoms inside.  it looks totally sweet when you see them.

i think drinks were like 700 yen, but you get what you pay for.  excellent atmosphere and coffee.

although the drinks are expensive i absolutely recommend this place, it's a serene gem in the middle of crazy shibuya.  the map is below.

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Shibuya Ping Pong club.  this place has been totally revamped and looks great now.

Ginga Kogen Beer.  How awesome are these bottles?  maybe the most awesome beer bottles i've seen so far.  pretty tasty too.

Oh, Harro again Satoko

many more hours of karaoke than any of us bargained for.

blacklist party in aoyama

had to shop for a jacket cuz it was still so cold in tokyo.  In london i rode one of the free boris bikes once and put my jacket in the "basket" (aka slot) and of course it flew out at some point on the bumpy and dangerous london streets.  i didn't buy this, maybe i should have.

cat house outside a convenience store in ogikubo maybe?, says something about don't feed it.

Akari from FIT

Shinjuku East

shinjuku omoide yokocho.

rainy days make photos look good sometimes.

did you know there's a control panel inside there?

Japan is on top of their ish once again.  These are little pocket wi-fi wireless routers that are as big as your phone and lots of people carry them around so they have wi-fi everywhere they go.  even some of the wireless routers for your home have batteries in them and can be taken around everywhere, they're just a we bit bigger than these pocket ones.  when i was in osaka, i would just unplug vivi's home wireless router at home and carry it in my pocket all day and have wi-fi.  at this dinner of 4, 2 of the people had pocket wi-fi.  rest of the world needs to catch up again.