A Very Van Der Kock Xmas - Part 1

Sebastiaan Van Der Kock of Holland had no where to go for xmas so he came to my house in upstate Canisteo, NY. This is what happened.

Dinosaur BBQ in Rochester

xmas tree decorating timelapse. As always you can see it in higher quality by clicking that vimeo button and watching it on their site.

Brody and Angus. Brody is the biggest Newfoundland my parents have ever had. He is huge. He can rest his head on the kitchen counter.

"The Raish Brother's Meat Bang" the Raish brother's signature dish is once again. Bob has become a "flexitarian" so for the first time in like 8 years we are able to reunite and create this delicate and sophisticated dish. We may never be able to top this one due to the variety of meat we happened to have at our disposale. Van Der Kock just looked on in horror, and then shut up and fried all our meats. Venison bacon burger, venison hot sausage, 2 types of chorizo, SPAM, philly cheese steak, turkey, bacon, pulled pork, brisket, rib meat, and pepperoni on a bed of potatoes, onions, peppers cooked in meat fat topped with corned beef hash. Then finished with 2 eggs over easy, cheddar cheese, cracked pepper, hot sauce, and garnished with parsley.

we did not have smiles on our faces 20 minutes later.

they got this old school tractor so now its parked next to the spitfire.

finding the perfect log

searching for tools

pompador leg cutting

there is no photo to really show the size of Brody

um we need that

All of this log hunting, prep, and cleaning was in order to make Caga Tio. He is an xmas tradition in Catalunya a region in Spain (including Barcelona). For example Marco from Madrid does not do this. It literally translates into "Shit Log". you hit him and he craps out presents. And let me reiterate that kids do this, not full grown adults. Spanish kids.

We had a whole Spain themed night with spanish omlette, chorizo, manchego cheese, gazpacho, wine, and pan con tomate.

out of focus gazpacho

He doesn't know how bad he is gonna get beat.

sorry guy. check the video below.

Beating the Sh!t out of Caga Tio. As always you can see it in higher quality by clicking that vimeo button and watching it on their site.

I got a Hahnel Giga T Pro II wireless camera remote/intervalometer

charges these batteries or anything with a usb cord.

Evoluent vertical mouse. hopefully this helps with my inevitable carpel tunnel

Christmas dinner set up.