Don't Tell Porkies

Don't tell porkies = don't tell lies. Porkies comes from Cockney rhyme slang. So Pork Pies rhymes with Lies. so pork pies further turns into porkies. This is a collection of photos that i found on various cameras i have. my canon 40D and my phone camera.

Prince Andrew silver plated spoon i bought for bob for Xmas. This is at Covent Garden.

a BMX bike course on the way to Broadway market.

for a while Lucy was ordering and collecting tons of dolls from ebay. This is her childhood doll. creepy. She was doing a photoshoot with lots of dolls so for a while there were creepy dolls around the house and studio.

brick lane market.

brick lane market. jerked meats?

some game at brick lane market. it looks like finger hockey pool

Arnold Circus. I don't think this is a famous circus (roundabout) but its near bricklane and has this thing at the top. i can't remember the name for this thing.

irish stew (wasn't good but then again it was like 30 pence), the full monty (the works) which looks like beans, mushrooms, sausage, rashers, and who knows what else. Cheshire cheese is weakness. again its tesco cheshire cheese so maybe real cheshire cheese is good. but if you want a hearty cheese you had best look elsewhere.

clever gal. trees turned into giant carrots at spitafield market.

The sandwich barge moored in regents canal next to broadway market. This woman is so nice. great hand made tea blends.

my south african friends had a "braai" (Afrikaans for BBQ). there was tons and tons of meat. it was all about meat.

this girl marinated her stuff in homemade tandoori stuff for like 3 days. it was awesome.

The blind beggar pub on whitechapel road. It was infamously ruled by east-end gangsters back in the day and someone famously got shot in the back there. On 9th March 1966 Ron Kray walked into the saloon bar of The Blind Beggar and shot George Cornell in the head using a 9mm Mauser. Legend would have it that this happened because Cornell had called Ronnie a 'big fat poof', in public, to which Ron obviously took offence and sought revenge. This story seems highly unlikely according to reliable sources and it is more likely the shooting occurred due to a 'business disagreement' involving the Richardson Brothers. This wasn't the first murder in The Blind Beggar. In 1904 a man called Wallis who was a member of The Blind Beggar Gang (a notorious firm of pick-pockets who frequented the pub), stabbed another man in the eye with an umbrella. Its actually a cool place and has a great outdoor area.

The London Jazz Festival. I went with those girls I sketched at the bike cafe. They're friend was playing so we got in for free. Ilhan Ersahin's Istanbul Sessions. He owns Nublu on Avenue C in new york which i've been to a bunch of times

the O2 arena where they play sports, concerts etc...