Paris - A Visit to the City of Light - Partie Trois

I thought this was a delorean for a minute but its 4 door

French vehicles

The Moulin Rouge, pretty disappointing outside. I heard its crazy inside though.

Pigalle is the red light district.

Mont Martre again to check it out properly

Sacre Coeur is a roman catholic church at the top of mont martre and is the highest point in Paris.

i was taking a photo of this while sitting on these steps and a middle aged french dude sitting next to me pointed and said "chinatown". I'm sick of this sh!t so i said WHY DID YOU JUST SAY CHINATOWN?!! WHY WOULD THE FIRST WORDS OUT OF YOUR MOUTH BE CHINA TOWN?!!!! He said well its not a requirement its just a suggestion. we sat there longer and eventually he started telling me about other places in Paris every now and then and eventually he suddenly got up and walked off and said goodbye. the day before some indian/pakistani/bangladeshi construction worker guy on the sidewalk was saying "chinois, chinois" at me. I was pounding down the sidewalk in a hurry to get home and was so shocked and already too far away before i realized what he was saying to say or do anything. I seriously get in a murderous rage when things like this happen. why would he say that to me? the surface answer is for sh!ts and giggles. a little deeper its because he knows asian people never do anything, but if i was white or black or spanish for example he wouldn't say that because he would get punched. Paris could be the end of Jason Raish. I might end up gutted by a knife in the street one day after i knock one of these clowns. These instances make me so angry they cut the logical thinking cord in my brain and i turn into a red eyed bull.

as i descended from Sacre Coeur i felt like some guy crossed the street to follow me i crossed the small street a few times and he always ended up on the same side. I stopped, he stopped and looked at some fabric shop. i was thinking there is no way this guy gives two sheits about fabric. I finally stopped to take a photo of this and watched as he turned the corner. He saw me looking at him and came over. I was ready to fight dude and he was saying something in french and i was like i don't know and he asked where i was from and I said America and we shook hands and he said enjoy paris and walked off. was it a series of coincidences followed by him seeing me eyeballing him as he turned the corner which might make anyone pissed off or was he sizing me and my camera up for the steal. Did the guy on the steps at the top of Sacre Coeur tip him off? anyway now these occurances have made me paranoid about Mont Martre and Paris in general. I felt an element of crime in Paris that i haven't felt else where. and it was hard for me to get a read on what was going on there in the streets. Asia is no problem. London and New York, I got it. But Paris, I couldn't tell if it was full of unsavory characters or if most of them were normal people.

to help counteract the sour event from before i was lucky to stumble upon this market, which i guess isn't so lucky because they seem to have markets all over the place all the time, which is awesome.

this cheese round was like 1.50 euros i think. whats the name of it? rocamadour? fermier? i don't know how to decipher this yet.

these are the potatoes that sit under the rotisserie chickens and catch all the drippings all day long. good stuff. i think it was like 1.50 euros also.

how is this 500ml bottle of water .18 euro cents(24 US cents)? That is approaching Beijing prices! I don't know how a bottle of water anywhere can be a quarter, but it was and it was priced correctly.

School crossing guard.

the Palais Royale garden.

royal palace courtyard or something.

a ferret or weasel or something. great and descriptive post this time around right?