Paris - A visit to the city of light - Partie Six

the 6th and final part of my Paris Visit.

lock on the upstairs bathroom. i love old school european details like this. and its because i grew up American and never seeing things like this.

what looks to be a ham and cheese baguette sandwich being held really weirdly by my grinch hand.

this is the first time i've noticed a place for all the scooters and moto bikes to fill up in all the countries i lived in. this was just on the sidewalk in Le Marais.

that equals $10.12 a gallon. One liter equals $2.67. 3.79 liters equals a gallon. Exchange rate october 27th, 2011, $1 = .79, or 1 = $1.39 . really bad if you're holding dollars, probably normal for europeans. can you imagine paying $10 a gallon? i don't know if this is regular gas or some mix for motobikes.

Azag had a lot of cool stuff. i bought a koi nobori japanese style windsock there. they spoke english and told me about a children's book library around the corner. will have to check that out sometime.

Chorizo we love you. yes we do. either this is a tag (a really sh!tty one) or someone just ate an amazing bite of chorizo and had to proclaim their love to all of Paris.

this VW van parked curbside had seating in it as an extension of the cafe.

when i was here on the weekend there was a long line for this falafel. Chez Marianne

5€ ($7) for a traditional falafel. it was good but $7 is a lot for a falafel. I have been getting raped by the pound and the euro.

of course there is a Japanese Harajuku style crepe place in Le Marais. even the girls working inside were dressed up like lolita maids.

don't know what the ABC lights under the taxi sign mean.

now this is a cool graphic stand out poster. take note graphic design dork buddies! but part of the reason may be because a bayonet is bloodily stabbing 3 hats and the word commune is on it

did i already say how its a law that they have to give you a glass of water with your coffee? and that the espresso isn't that strong cuz i usually drink one and am wired cuz i never have caffeine outside of chocolate? I drank like 2 or 3 of these a day.

but its the perfect way to people watch. and capture fleeting parisian beauties on bikes. have i mentioned how i have a girls on bikes fetish? what is it? besides physically being up on a pedestal for all to see i guess it shows motivation, initiative, and guts on their part to ride a bike. which makes them a lil' more special. and initiative is sexy.

coca cola promo girls

the koi nobori i bought. if you're joining us now, these are traditionaly flown in japan around may 5th, which is children's day in japan. they are koi fish windsocks. this was designed by a french person but obviously takes its inspiration from the traditional ones. I love this one. Someday when i have a house there will be a few of these hanging in it. I think in only have 1 other one from japan. there is a madame mo tag on it, i guess that is the artist who made it