Paris - A Visit to the City of Light - Partie Deux

Part 2 of my visit to Paris

This is Kaz, short for Kazam. He is a Labradoodle, a mix between a Labrador retriever and a Poodle. He is a mid sized dog.

My aunt and uncle bought this house in the 13th. It's a rare thing to own a house in Paris, especially one with a back yard. I'm happy to be staying in this house.

one last shot of the magnificent beast.

someone on our street got the boot.

I went off to meet my friend Betty from New York. she was at the top of Monte Marte, the highest point in paris (not that high). the area around Monte Marte is full of cool streets. I didn't have much time to look around that day but the next day i did.

what does it mean? and what is the meaning of this artwork?

a stones throw west of Sacre Coeur is this square with tons of portrait artists set up.

yes the Moulin Rouge is at the bottom of Monte Marte but this is not it. you will be disappointed to see what it looks like on the outside at least in the next post.

oh my lord french women. but then on further inspection i saw that it was Monica Bellucci, who is Italian. But back to french women, they are hot, beautiful, have some kind of dark-ish complextion thing going on (due to some mixing but i don't know my french history), and ooze sex appeal. they dress well and have this air about them that whispers "sexy", and not in a forceful way, it seems natural. I heard many comments about the merits of French men from all the foreign females I hung out with on this trip but who cares about them.

oh look it's Betty, who i last saw in Tokyo on new year's eve with Fumika when I lost my wallet. She came to Paris for 1 day and 1 night with her brother and their friend and I happened to be there at the same time. the power of facebook. naysayers should take into account the benefit it serves to us travellers at least.

the Seine. what a place.

Notre Dame. swarming with tourists.


bob said come on a sunny day so you can see the stained glass well. i don't know if it even matters because of how the stained glass diffuses the light but i can't yet give that go ahead tip yet because when i went to Sagrada Familia in Barcelona it was also on a sunny day.

across the street at Subway (the american submarine sandwich chain) you have to pay 50 euro cents (75 cents) to use the toilet.

notre dame, the seine, and what i think are excessively large river boats. why can't be be smaller more charming boats? come on mayor of paris!

notre dame is to the left but then i wouldn't have been able to get the golden 6pm rays of light on these beautiful riverside Parisian houses.

this is for bob. probably too small to read the titles of most of these books but it looks like they're all in english. i think bob once mentioned that even in china the books are in english cuz that's just how the math world works or something.

Drinks with Betty's French friends that used to live in NYC. this was just a normal place and the coronas were $9!!! other beers were cheaper though. watch out if you order imported beer is the lesson.

Kaz gets day old baguettes and either eats it immediately or chews on it for hours. I found in barcelona that i couldn't buy baguettes everyday like you're supposed to but in paris everyone does it so i guess i will have to. it also helps that there is some law where there has to be a bakery every 300 meters or something crazy like that.