I'm getting P!ssed

Another Britishism. I'm getting P!ssed doesn't mean i'm getting angry, it means i'm getting drunk. if you want to say you're getting angry you have to say i'm getting p!ssed off.

It's the 1 year anniversary of me getting a DSLR camera and greatly improving the quality of photos on this blog. I used this Canon 40D for about 8 months and made a super upgrade to the Canon 5D Mark II and have been using it for about 4 months now.

Wilfred Tanner looking sad and pathetic after all his dignity has been taken from him.

Lucy and Wilf. When will betty make it onto the blog?

Lucy made me my first Jacket potato. when they say jacket they mean the skin. its filled with baked beans, tuna mayo, butter, and cheese. really unhealthy and really good.

some kind of demonstration near whitechapel station

there are these little windows at the ends of the cars so if you're standing in front of them your hair gets blown like this

the Association of Illustrators if the UK's version of the Society of illustrators only proportionately smaller and compareable to the size of the US vs. the size of the UK. this is the annual show. I would enter my stuff since i have a lot of british clients but if you get any pieces into the show you have to pay like 500 pounds which is rediculous!

i forgot to write down the name of this illustrator.

Beibei Nie is my pal and she just got her masters in illustration from Camberwell. this is at their masters show. http://www.beibeinie.com/

There was some big exhibition of art by Chinese people/students or something like that that Beibei was part of.

Tianzuo Chen is beibei's friend and a fine artist also from Beijing. I get the skull and ramen noodles but don't get the jade. http://tianzhuochen.com

the big performance art thing was these people running back and forth in these suits. was it commentary on chinese labor?

I finally got a smartphone. this HTC wildfire S. its android so it kind of f's up a lot. its like having a mini pc which means its like having a mini baby. you have to make sure it doesn't get sick and that its ok all the time. it is a useful tool though and its nice to have the GPS maps and check mail and stuff. I'm just not a fan because the battery sucks so bad and doesn't even last a whole day if you are using it. i was expecting to combine my phone and ipod into 1 device but because of the battery sucking i can't. unacceptable!

plugs in the UK are huge and i had to buy a bunch of adaptors. little things like this add up and it makes moving a little annoying sometimes. lets see what else i had to buy....

a printer. it was 25 pounds ($40)

i can't live withough music and i can't live with the laptop speakers built into my macbook. these JBL are acceptable i guess. a far cry from the soundsticks i had in Japan. i bought these used from a guy on gumtree. its just temporary so i can live with it.

this is a huge developement. that huge huge and supery heavy thing in the back is a 1TB harddrive. it weighs almost 7 pounds. the two black things in the front are the size of 4 passports stacked up (hence their name, western digital My Passports). they are 1TB each and cost like $130 in the UK, and are like $100 in the US. They weigh half a pound each. So no more having a 10 pound bag of flour in my backpack when i travel! I originally got that huge monstrosity because its super fast and you can work off of it. these smaller ones are powered through the USB and way slower. But i rarely work off external hard drives and the savings on weight and size are so great that it has been one of the best travellers upgrades i have made so far.

watercolor postcard by laura lopez balza on the left and marco pardo on the right. some dudes postcard on the bottom left and a postcard from Joan Miro's exhibition at the Tate Modern.

the rooftop of the Red Lion in shoreditch.

Casablanca beer from Morocco at some hookah place. i'm slightly interested in going to morocco someday.

my friend asked them for burger sauce and i was like what the H is burger sauce. and then they pulled out this. i guess its standard fare in Britanica.

i was on columbia road late at night for some reason and saw this.

rou jia mou and shang xi noodles at Chang's Noodles across the street from from the Bi Won Korean restaurant btwn tottenham court road and holburn. Beibei brought us here.

two random pieces of paper in my pocket. one from a protester guy camped out in that square opposite westminster, and the other being the pre-made strips of paper with the number that drug dealer gave me.

a huge project for Facebook's Singapore office. I will show the final artwork when i can.

Ami is from Japan but here on working holiday and is a hair stylist. here she is cutting a gorilla's hair.

we saw these people coming out of my apartment complex and later saw them doing this in shoreditch. i am so cool and my neighborhood is so cool i just want to punch it and me in the face.