Are You Alright?

Are you alright? in britspeak it doesn't mean they are concerned about your physical and mental well being, it just means "what's up". This throws me off all the time because in the America "are you alright" means it looks like there is something wrong and that i'm in need of assistance.

Tayab's is a a famous and popular and always packed indian joint a little below whitechapel road. it's really cheap but very good. thumbs up

did you know how easy it is to get an international driver's license? you send 15$ to AAA and that's about it.

next to Weiden and Kennedy off of brick lane.

somewhere near tottenham court road.


i rode the thames clipper. its like 5 pounds. i like boats so it was pretty cool. would be cool for anyone. this is tower bridge.

blue cranes

the london eye. its like 20 pounds to go up in it. F that.

big ben.

one of the sides of Westminster palace. its pretty massive. the sun was not in my favor at this time so all the photos of the other side are absolute "rubbish"

across from westminster is this square with protest people camped out, legally i think. Looks like there is a Korean hunger strike going on around the corner, for what i don't know.

me like shiny things.

The Getaway. I like this shot of a taxi driver and old woman in the back taking off from some church that is probably famous.

st. james park

factoid time. This is Pall Mall street. the name comes from Paille Maille, a french word for the game of croquet which literally means ball and mallet. it gained popularity in england and was played on this here area so much that it was named Pall Mall.

i saw all the movie studios in this square.

filming something in that square.

All Saints is a british clothing brand and they're stores are decorated like this with old sewing machines.

you have to pay 30 pence (47 cents) to use the toilets, at least in liverpool station.

fish and chips from Poppy's off of brick lane. It's huge. the two most popular kinds are cod and haddock, one or the other is better, whichever one is listed first is the most common and the second one is the better one. confused? me too, hope it helped.

"crackling" is the fried batter and juices that come off the fish in the frying process that you can get at most places. so eating this is basically eating a pile of fried if that ever were to be such a food.

cockney rhyme slang adorns the walls at poppy's. the real english word equivalent is next to the rhyme slang.

i had to buy this when i saw it at the store. big saucy bangers. bangers aka sausages. it is the british version chef boyardee crap. the bangers were made out of the same stuff basically.

another example of candy land. Elephant and Castle is a tube station for real.

Borough Station

borough market called me, i had a deadline but i couldn't resist.

this hunk of that dessert wine marinaded gorgonzola cheese cost like 10 dollars but its awesome.

the apartment across from BeiBei's apartment looks amazing inside.