Living Inside a Giant Strawberry Cupcake

So I got a flat finally after a week of looking everyday on and It's in east London, off of the happenin' Brick Lane. Shoreditch, Bethnal Green, Brick Lane, Liverpool Street, and Old Street are all within walking distance. I chose this area because east london is where it's at. The girl owns the place and has lived there for 10 years. It is an ex-council flat that she renovated with all the nicest and high-end stuff. The place has style. She is like Strawberry Shortcake if that character grew up to be a hip beautiful photographer that now has mature tastes yet retained part of her signature Strawberry Shortcake style that we all know and love from when we used to be 6 year old girls. The kitchen is all pink including the high end appliances like the Smeg fridge. I liken it to living in a giant strawberry cupcake. You might say gross, or what where you thinking Jason! But in the age of ikea it is nice to live in a place where no expense was sparred and everything is high end, and most importantly where someone actually gives two pence about what the place looks like and has a style. I like the kitchen, it looks like something i would put in my illustrations. it's 600 pounds a month ($1000).

film. she switched over to digital in recent years and has the same camera as me. only she's a pro and really needs it.

shes really nice and lovely and has a great sense of humor. i guess you could call it british humor because its constantly sarcastic.

It's called a toilet not a bathroom because in many houses the toilet is separate from the shower/tub and in another small room all together.

my other flatmate is a lecturer on psychological well-being and lives in this room now.

the bathroom is newly tiled

i like this pull string light.

this is my room.

that's an antique lampshade by some guy, i can't remember the name.

Finally here is a video tour of the flat. You can see it in higher def if you click through to the vimeo website.