First London Visit Part 2

I have to admit that I knew i was moving here in 2 weeks so I didn't go crazy with the photos, breaking my rule of just taking the photos when you have the chance because more often than not you will forget or won't get the chance again.

the natural history museum or something in south kensington.

Jan Jan (pronounced john john) didn't know she had her own website. the first girl on the front of janjan[dot]com looks suspiciously like our friend jan jan. that website is NSFW

i like how the rollover says jan jan (in katakana) Chinese. that is jan jan perfectly in a nutshell.

who is that i spy? this is one of the times i wish i had a zoom lens.

why it's Charles Darwin, it was cool to see a super famous British person while on my trip.

steak and ale pie. it was delish and so was the "mash" (mashed potatoes)

Euston station i think.

this reminds me of a room where blade would throw a tri star weapon and it would encircle the circular shaped walls and cut off the heads of 10 vampires in a mili second. and then he would catch the tri star weapon and maintain his unflappable look for close up for 3 seconds before they cut the scene. except for its the tube in london dork.

camden is a cool area and has a bunch of locks.

Jan Jan is also good because you can tell her to do stuff and she'll do it. Like stuffing her jan jan in a giant horse nostril.

Pimms is a fruity summertime drink from Britain. It works as a summertime drink.

See, I am the funniest and best friend in the world and even Micur knows that. That's why she got an internship in London a month before i was even there so she could make it look like she didn't plan it all just so she could hang out for 2 days before she had to go back to the states forever.

as soon as i got back to Barcelona that night it was business as usual. this time it was Selena's birthday party on Javier's awesome rooftop.

Coca is some kind of sweet bread/brittle like thing that is catalan.

Mari joe and Cecilia, two of my 5 roommates.

bollywood dance session cuz people from Selena's bollywood dance school came.

business as usual for Marco Pardo too.

my first attempt at making Salmorejo, the cousin of Gazpacho. it is also a cold summertime soup but is thicker depending on how much bread you blend into it, so it can be a sort of dip too. hard boiled eggs and serano ham are often combined with it. it is awesome and you should get up on some of this.