First London Visit Part 1

So I went to London for my friend Angel's (from Beijing) wedding. I moved to London 2 weeks later but still had fish to fry in Spain so i went back to Spain for 2 weeks after a week in London checking out neighborhoods.

Why do I always do smart things like drink a lot the night before i have to fly? it was a horrible day.

Look who lives in London. That a-hole jonny ribiero.

Angel's wedding was held at Chartwells way out in the shire on part of Winston Churchhill's estate. (I know I know, the shire is not a real word but I like to use it to annoy brits).

the tube in london is super small and claustrophobic. so far there have been almost no crazies or reasons for me to feel in danger on the tube. so far London appears to be a safer, cleaner, more civilized NY.

a new discovery, ginger beer. there is no alchohol so its like root beer with a ginger twist. me likes it.

Hyde park

Jan Jan from NY came for shag tourism. Jan Jan is cool because she will laugh at anything you say and make you look like the funniest guy in the world. and laughing is usually a good time.

first fish and chips in london. its fried food so of course it's good.

trafalger square.

again with trafalger square. What's going on here?

oh it's the insane harry potter fans camping out for 2 days waiting to see either the harry potter premiere shown on a big screen at the square or the actors or something walking the red carpet or a combo of the two.

we told jan jan we would meet her outside in front of camp potter. as a joke we pretended not to see her and inquired at camp potter where she was. they didn't know a jan jan by name so they went and pulled out their leather bound camp potter registry to see if she had signed in as a resident of camp potter. how crazy are these HP freaks.

some bridge next to battersea park

a sundy roast is a really British thing to do. A cheese board is as well. a cheese board is a platter of various cheeses that you eat after the meal. strange for us americans yes, but cheese after meals is a normal thing i guess here.

the bridge next to the Tate modern.

private joke.

at this point Ai Wei Wei was still in the clutches of the Chinese government and there was a thing on the wall saying this. His installation of millions of unique ceramic sunflower seeds used to be all over the floor and you walked on them but everyone pocketed 1 and took it home and now look what you get.

Diego Riviera

Salvador Dali. I like this disconnected phone thing he is doing. The Tate Modern is highly recommended by me.

Some graffiti area near waterloo station.

An english breakfast.