The End of Barcelona

This is the first time anyone has ever organized a going away party for me because I always do it. thanks marcus and selena. this party happened at the ADA gallery, thanks Isa. and thanks to everyone that came.

they got me a piñata but it ended up being this kiddie one with no stick, you just grab the streamers and pull down.

there were these inside. this will be one of many times in the blog post that marco looks really gay.

next was an absinthe place

its not hallucinogenic though, i don't think you can buy that kind

are you making fun of me?

next was this bar/club place where everyone was in high spirits, even marcus pardus. well everyone except that guy behind marcellus.

Laura part of another group show at this gallery.

the ladies gettin their nails did.

we drank 1 euro beers at plaza del sol

here is one reason why you should just take the pic when you see it. the first day i was in spain i saw these free bikes and thought that i would just take a picture of them another day. and i never did until the last day by accident. anyway if you pay some low fee you can access these bikes from many stations all over barcelona, many of them down random alleys you would never think of.

one last fiesta de dibujo at Luis's house. Its amy winehouse and who is that on the right? i don't know. i thought it was going to be kurt kobain until they threw the skirt on me. you know how you're immune to the smell of your own vomit? well this pic makes even me want to vomit slightly so it must be pretty bad for you. hahahaha enjoy what i've burned into your eyeballs for the rest of the day. I hope you think about this photo when you go to sleep tonight.

someone OD'd on agua de valencia (cava and orange juice)

I like how he went and took his shirt off and got back in the dress. i almost got a picture of him with a dress half on, unzipped in the back looking totally like that was his thing. we met eyes for a mili-second before he saw i had the camera up ready to capture the worst picture of him ever and he slammed the door shut. This is the photo I wish i could forget.

artwork exchange time.

So Barcelona is over for me. It was 3 months of fun and sun. I didn't work that much. My final thoughts are that Barcelona is beautiful, there are tons of beautiful people, its cheaper than the rest of europe, the weather is always perfect, and its laid back and relaxed. The down side is if you have goals and dreams you have to have the self control of a monk to achieve them because the combo of sun and Spanish work ethic make it almost impossible to get work done. I have the feeling that other places in spain that are not next to the beach might be a little more productive. I also had issues with the "Chino Factor" discussed in my post here if you missed it. Basically the beach, beer, terraces, gallery openings (there are tons everyday), and rooftop parties are calling you everyday and night and everyone else around you is down and concerned about working that hard to make money so it kind of takes the wind out of your sails and you end up chillin' all the time. It seems like Spain is a place where the people are fine with living check to check as long as they have a little money left for a few beers in a terraza and some tapas, because the beach and conversation (which the spanish LOVE to do) are free. This Spanish attitude, for the most part, is a beautiful thing. In Spain Arnold Schwartzenagger says Sayonara baby! instead of hasta la vista baby!. So Sayonara Barcelona!