La Sagrada Familia and La Pedrera

Sorry for the lack of posts, there will be plenty to come. I have been on a whirlwind tour of Spain so I haven't had time. Also this new camera has caused me to spend way too much time processing photos as i predicted it would. I mean it takes me hours just to delete the photos i don't want from 1 day of shooting. So here we go with the super Barcelona posts. La Sagrada Familia is Antoni Gaudi's masterpiece church and La Pedrera is maybe the second best known Barcelona landmark. Here we go.

La Sagrada Familia is a huge roman catholic church and although incomplete it is a UNESCO world heritage site as are all of "The works of Antoni Gaudi". It has been under construction since 1882 via donations. It is projected to be finished anywhere from 2017-2026

this entrance has a kind of cubist theme going on. I like this side much more than the other gothic side.

as far as being crowded it wasn't that bad at all.

so yes it is all that. It stands up to the hype. it's amazing. i read on some travel sites from commenters that it's not even worth it to pay 13 euros to go inside. It is totally worth it and you would be a fool not to.

Gaudi gets his inspiration from nature. Although this thing looks like it came out of a Legend of Zelda video game or something it was still awe inspiring and beautiful

this is why i was waiting for my full frame camera and ultra wide angle lens.

A short walk around the interior of the cathedral. as always you can see it in HD by clicking through to the Vimeo site instead of watching it here.

you can pay a little extra to go up an elevator and around the spire of the cathedral. I think this is worth it as well. at the end there is this super skinny spiral staircase down. although that hole is so small there is no way a human could fall through it it's still scary if you're afraid of heights.

the gothic side. don't tell anyone because the spainards will kill me but I hate this side. I actually don't like the exteriors of any of Gaudi's buildings. The insides are amazing though. but to me this just looks like a pile of crusty sand.

Next is La Pedrera. finished in 1912. Gaudi wanted the people in the apartments and offices to know each other so there are elevators on every other floor.

these are actually ventillation shafts.

no this is not that sand pit that eats everything on that desert planet in Star Wars, it's one of the atriums.

scale model of it

one of the floors is open and is outfitted with period stuff. as you can imagine the apartments were awesome.

my favorite part was this bathroom. I'm in love with tile. i'm in love with this color scheme. On a final note Gaudi was Catalan. of course he was, a non catalan guy could not be allowed to be the hero of Barcelona. It costs 14 euros to enter here, so if you're going to the picasso museum and the miro museum then it's worth it to get the "Articket" because you will save money and also because you go straight to the special ticket area so you skip the lines which is really nice.


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