Gracia Otra Vez

Another round of Gracia

I've been to two exhibitions at this gallery in Gracia so far, gallery espai

the first was the solo exhibition of my friend Laura López Balza. She is a true artist. She is always creating and drawing. For her it seems like drawing is an extension of her being, like living is drawing. I wish i could have that. This is my favorite painting of hers. it's about a moose that guards the grave of Greta Garbo in Sweden. Laura is a great person full of energy and life. See that face she's making? She's like that all the time. Any gallery should be happy to have the work of an artist that bleeds art. Check out her paintings at

details of one of her paintings. free and spontaneous mark making!

the back of the gallery has a collection of past exhibitions

outside the gallery, a collection of barcelona buddies

some kind of drinking thing that i guess is traditional from somewhere in spain.


afterwards it was on to see selena's bollywood dance troupe. i don't think she was even supposed to dance that day that's why she's not wearing the same get up.

who's that guy in the back being the perfect embodiment of a beautiful jasmine flower in full bloom?

Laura and her sister Tamara. What a pair of sisters.

the quieter plaza in gracia

the indignados of gracia and their calendari d'activitats. If there's an ' or tat you know its catalan and not spanish.

another beautiful plaza near the other beautiful plaza.

the plaza in front of the Sant Joan Baptista church.

Plaza del sol, the liveliest of the plazas.