Madrid Part 4

Atocha station, the largest in Madrid. I always love shots like this of stations like in the movies Amele and Slumdog millionaire. Maybe it's something about the intersections of thousands of peoples lives.

the hard hustle of stoplight jugglers.

in front of the entrance of Museo del Prado. The line to get in was super long on free day.

love diego velasquez

A young spanish Cameron Diaz

this girl in the blue dress was outside he Museo Reina Sofia two days in a row flipping over these bike racks with her buddies.

sunday nights in the la latina district are the time to see millions of hot girls everywhere. This is Javier Bardeem's Bar (No Country for Old Men, Vicky Cristina Barcelona). He comes here sometimes. A lot of the bartenders and a lot of the girls inside are models or actresses

La Latina, the party continues on sundays.

this guy was the first tagger in the 80's in Madrid. this isn't a real piece, its a tribute.

bike ride in Casa Campo.

For a guy that sleep walks and wakes up and "sees" things in the dark frequently this thing was terrifying.

The airport in Madrid is probably the coolest and most beautiful i've seen so far.

waiting for the airport train which is like 1 euro. never take it, it takes forever. you should take the 5.50 euro aerobus that takes 30 minutes. Look at this girl waiting for the train. What could she be watching?

why its donald duck cartoons. que coño?! hahahha


Anonymous said...

Spanish Cameron Diazzz... She almost makes it all worth it, doesn't she?

Chino in Seoul.