Nuclear Refugee Korea

Last week I came to Seoul, South Korea a week ahead of schedule because of an earthquake and the following nuclear crisis. My Japan visa was ended 3 days ago but the rising threat of nuclear radiation caused me to get out a week earlier. I feel like a nuclear refugee.

check out the ridiculously small phone they gave me at the rental place at the airport.

There are tons of Japanese signs and places that cater towards Japanese people in Seoul. Here is what looks like the Japanese version of the crown hotel in Itaewon. When i see Japanese people here they look clueless, too nice, and easy targets for various crimes. Probably because Japan is like candy land with no crime. the worst thing that could happen there is your icecream will fall on the immaculately clean sidewalk and then you can just eat it anyway.

i love this banana milk

is there a place on earth where they wear more converse all stars then in Seoul? these three girls were not friends. just a random sample.

Jongno Tower, a 33 story office building. Also I must comment on how Korean people are super rude. I knew this when i lived here when i was 21 but i guess it didnt really matter to me then. over the course of this day many people bumped/slammed into me and i can see why Koreans want to fight everyone all the time if thats how they roll in this country. I want to fight everytime someone bumps me with no apology.

청계천 Cheonggyecheon is a stream/public recreation space in downtown Seoul opened in 2005 and is popular with Seoul peeps.

the official Korea tourism guide says this is the largest ceramic tile painting in the world. it definitely is long. Its of King Jeongjo's royal procession.

flanking the stream is Gwangjang market, an old school market with food stalls, fabric stores, etc... I like this part of Korea better than the modern part. maybe thats why i like china so much.

can't really tell but this thing was huge. a lot bigger than your standard bike to cart stuff around with.

pig snouts.

i love this kind of stuff way more than eating in a fancy restaurant surrounded by d-bags

i ate ddeokbokki.

somehow under the yellow stuff all the benches were heated which was awesome cuz it was freezing out.

here is an example of why you should shoot in RAW format. #1 is the original RAW, it looks totally unusable. #2 is jpeg and has been restored in photoshop to the limit. #3 is the RAW file adjusted with the RAW importer and its almost useable! The moral of the story is that you can restore a lot of light information with RAW but almost none with jpeg. this was a mentally ill guy with a saxophone inside the market.

how many ladies do you think this guy pulls down with this jacket? Hanyang Tech division of computer science and engineering? Hot

As a nuclear refugee wrapped up in a thermal blanket, shivering, holding a paper cup full of hot coffee, this is a sight to behold. Yoons fellow embassy buddy next door made blue cheese steak and corn and other american BBQ food and it was awesome to eat an American volume of food.

a box full of kimbap can be had for like $4.50 awesome.

an open invitation to Yoon sitting on his coffee table.

earlier this winter i was on the cover of this magazine. Yoon bought a copy for me. Its pretty cool to see it in person in the country you're in.

I am slowly, very slowly cleaning up my life and getting ready for my campaign in the European theater. Big things include, cleaning up my computer and making it not suck so bad, finally setting up a quicken invoicing/finances system, learning spanish, getting international health insurance again, watching Spain, UK, and French themed movies, learning about those 3 countries, go to Busan and Jeju Do in Korea, get out in seoul and take pictures, wrap everything up with Japan and friends, and of course various illustration commissions that are always coming in. oh and try to relax. its gonna be a busy month.