Your life as an Asian TV show - The theme song

Ever imagine if your life was an Asian TV show/drama/sitcom? I do, and sometimes I think about what adventure and fun clips they would show during the opening theme song. These next two songs are the songs I imagine for the opening titles of my Misadventures of Jason in Japan show, because they have to be kind of gay, and have to be good to do a montage of the funniest, most dramatic, and most fun moments of the show to. Fun edits that they would flash on screen would be stuff like riding on a boat on the sumida river, riding under cherry blossoms with some cute girl on the back of my bike (never happened bonk!), getting hit by a taxi, a few edited clips of various trains zooming in from screen left and screen right, me trying various food, and so on and so on. Just listen to these and imagine the misadventures of jason, slickly edited by some Japanese studio into a 1 minute opening sequence, then fading out and they announce the show sponsors. You can even get a feel for it while browsing the blog. The last two are extra happy fun times songs that have powered my misadventures.

Pearl Kyoudai - Puzzle - From the anime Welcome to the N.H.K. which was set in tokyo and I can only slightly recommend if you have a lot of extra time.

Pizzicato Five - Message Song - The video is the opposite of fun and jammin' but oh well.

This is just extra. Pizzicato Five - A Tokyo - super happy fun times

extra - Karly Nomoto - and when I die - more happy fun times