Ikebukuro Fun time

Ikebukuro is north of Shinjuku and no one hangs out there because everyone thinks it sucks. But there is some fun to be had in Ikebukuro.

where have the new posts been? I have been working like a mother and didn't shave for days.

Kimu Katsu in Ebisu slices its pork cutlet meat into like 20 layers which supposedly makes it juicier and better. All it did was make it lighter and more like eating air meat. We went to burger king after eating this $24 meal. I would stick with regular Tonkatsu if i were you.

I went to an illustration portfolio review and exhibition for Illustration magazine where the guy told me that I should just forget trying to work with Japanese clients because the market sucks and i'm already doing good in the US and UK so it would be a waste of time. That's what i thought but now I have professional proof.

The Ikebukuro Fire station has disaster and safety prevention center. Ikebukuro Bosaikan. You get to practice CPR on a dummy

put out a fake fire with fire extinguishers.

experience a level 6 earthquake in their earthquake simulation room. It is pretty cool because it really tosses you around.

Sunshine City in Ikebukuro has an observation deck on the 60th floor.

Sunshine City also has Namja Town. a "Town" created by video game maker Namco. You have to pay 300 yen to get in. Inside is Gyoza Stadium, Ice Cream City, dessert land and i don't know what else. lots of games and stuff too.

Gyoza stadium. a festival like setting with tons of gyoza (dumpling) stalls of every variety. its expensive and chaotic to I'm not going back again. if you're in the area maybe its worth it.

It's probably awesome if you're a kid.


more hotness. these pics are the proprietors of the gyoza stands.

there were lots of hidden things in gyoza stadium like this pig mequito coil incense burner ride thing hidden in some back room. only i didn't see anyone riding on them so who knows what this was.

ice cream city. not as awesome as i was hoping it would be.

I saw people carrying around these detector things all day inside of Namja town. it turns out that they are "ghost" detectors

This place had various weird flavors like, eel, snake, and cow tongue.

Norman got the cow tongue. there were little pieces of cow tongue in there.

What every kid wants, a chance to play for mayonnaise.

The Sunshine City fountain when its turned off. So further exploration needs to be done to determine if Ikebukuro sucks or not. after this day its OK i guess.