NY Winter 2011 - A Very Bobby New Year

Now on to our new york adventures. Bob came with me to NYC to visit friends and ring in the new year. What better new year can you have than a very bobby new year?

some lucky (meaning unlucky) friends recieved one of these 5 bottles of magical chinese liquor. It's all the way from Beijing. Its called "white liquor" bai jiu and is 56% alchohol and costs like 60 cents. Imagine the joy on their faces as they drank this special spirit from China. Oh Joy.

Minhee and Marisa that i went to highschool with. me and bob went to some bars with them in our hometown. Minhee is also and adopted Korean. she is a Ford Model in NYC now. I guess the adopted Koreans all got out of Canisteo, NY.

Rochester, NY is the closest airport. from here its a 45 min flight to NYC. Rochester is famous for its "Garbage Plate". Its a combination of things. Here there is chili and onions on two beef hotdogs on french fries on macaroni salad. in the back is toased cheese and mustard and onions on fries on macaroni salad. I basically ate "garbage" for the whole 3 weeks i was in the US this time around. I feel pretty slow and sluggish now. i'm not exaggerating. Most US meals are at least double the size of Japanese meals.

Rochester airport.

we again took the smallest and sh!ttiest jet ever to NYC from Rochester. then long taxi ride to James Chang's house in williamsburg. the taxi driver ended up being Korean and owned the print shop across the street from FIT for 26 years and it recently went under and he had to start driving a taxi because of the economy. crazy and small world. James brother gave him this for xmas. his plan was to take it to the new years party the next night and leave it there.

Darkin is one of those guys that is a huge homophobe but in fact loves the caresses of a man.

my first NYC food had to be pizza. this pizza was raped in 3 seconds, i couldn't even get a pic of the whole thing.

we went to Mehanata, a bulgarian place in the LES. it's usually fun because its a weird mix of people and the music is a weird mix of live eastern european fun music, so it's basically anything goes here, no one knows how to dance cool to this stuff and everyone is out of place here so everyone is equal here.

part of our crew minus some people, especially Karol who ran away.

a morning egg, cheese, and bacon roll from the deli, oh how i missed it.

there was a blizzard right before we came so there was tons of snow slushing everything up.

bought a Canon 35mm f/2.0 prime lens at B and H after much waiting in lines and all the craziness pictured above at B and H camera on 34th st. and 9th ave. first you have to wait to talk to a guy to tell them what you want. then they send the product via magical ceiling pulleys to the pick up area but first you have to wait online to pay and then wait online to pick up.

wats this?

part of a giant lego dragon at the lego flagship store at rockerfeller center

new year's eve at some house party in williamsburg.

this is in williamsburg, brooklyn, around the lormier stop. It is predominantly white, 20-30 something hipsters. i don't know why they have this, the only choking sign in this cafe in Chinese. later Melissa told me its her aunt, and she wasn't kidding. It really is her aunt. hahahhaha

what can i say.

the best bagels i've ever had are from bagel store. As soft as a baby's A$$ and twice and tasty! They have a location on bedford ave too

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amazing fried chicken at pies and thighs in williamsburg.

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Me and bob love movies. we saw 3 in the 4 days he was there. Bob at Cinema Village an independent movie theater on 12th st. we saw Rare Exports, a Finnish movie. it has super small theaters so its nice and personal except this time there were a bunch of people talking and being loud and laughing at stuff that was not supposed to be funny. After this we went on to see True Grit. the same night. I know, don't tell me, we bad@ss.

i liked these lights at this indian restaurant we went to before seeing Black Swan.

how much do you want to hang out with these guys?, the most rag tag mis-matched threesome of guys ever? Well i want to a lot. they are each awesome in a different way so you get a triangle of the weirdest and fun times you'll ever have. Here we're buying candies to sneak into the theater for seeeecret eeeeeating.

3 years since i've had an icy cold red stripe.

what a darn handsome man. do you know how bad i want to scalp him?

someone got their wish. i poured m&ms into my pocket along with junior mints. Debbie said she wished that that my super metabolism and heart rate would make them melt in my shirt. i said meh and shrugged it off and 5 minutes later found that the m&ms were true to form and didnt melt but the junior mints did. At least debbie and bob can enjoy my choco pocket.