Family Portrait Shoot - Client: The Raishes

So for this shoot our client was the Raishes, a powerful family from Steuben county in upstate NY. They wanted a family portrait because it's been a good 20 years since they've had one taken. They called on us because of our eccentric tastes and we delivered.
Assisting on this shoot was Bob.
wardrobe and makeup: Jason and bob.
Catering: Bob's Vegitarian Catering LLC
Creative Director: Jason
Location: The Raish residence, Canisteo, NY

The final result

earlier you saw the pic of us at salvation army hunting for the perfect wardrobe for this shoot. we got lucky and found 4 perfect sweaters. We bought 4 pan clip lights from walmart. we bought various wattage bulbs from lowes ranging from 150 -300 watts. We bought some wispy white fabric to diffuse the lights. we bought a queen sized top sheet and a box of RIT dye from walmart and basically tie-dyed the sheet and bleached it again afterward cuz it got too dark. So much effort but I'm happy with the results.

the backdrop drying in the basement overnight. Bob had no faith in this but we did it bob!

check out our super ghetto lighting rig. the diffuser fabric is taped to the ceiling with painters tape and string.

the fussy "stars" demanded their own trailers. they got this.

We went with Bob's Vegetarian Catering on this one. They do a decent job although the service could be friendlier and have a more positive attitude. Guacamole, veggies, various cheeses and crackers, pepperoni, mango, tomatoes, spinach dip....

bob's vegetarian portobello mozzarella basil bruchetta

Bob's mozerella something and something pizza. good job bob, the client was pleased, the pizza was good. so we will consider your catering services again in the future.

who looks the most fab? I think Mrs. Raish has the best sweater. it's got beaded and sequined snowflakes. props to assistant Bob for hunting that one down.

our last family portrait had dogs in it. this is many years and rounds of newfoundlands later

its funny to see that this is going on in our living room.

bob loves this pose. i haven't had time to process all the photos yet.

yes we did cut our sleeves off

this is so awesome and gross

i asked bob if i should lighten this photo and he said no, if you're going for the post photoshoot dark and creepy and rapey feeling then you've nailed it.

one more time, are there two brothers that are more the Korean embodiment of Tom Cruise and Leo Dicaprio? Are there?


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