400th Post Anniversary! - Where's my Winter?

This marks the 400th post birthday of this blog. after 2.5 years of travelling this blog and this guy have come a long way. Here's to another 400!

Another example of awesome package design here. This tea was just sweet tea as expected. On another note, where's my winter? it's been around 58 degrees the whole winter. It's only been around 50 for a couple days. Winter in Tokyo is for pansies. But believe me i dont miss the winters of Korea, New York, or Beijing where it hurts to go outside somedays.

This piece of paper is a golden ticket. If you have this then you get a free pass excuse for being late from your school or company because it means the train was late. you can get this at the ticket gate of watever train line you rode. I like to slap this on my forehead and go to class late because its like wearing steak trousers and walking into a lion's den but you're invincible. So the teachers are salivating wanting to put an X in the lateness box but they can't because you're invincible.

this dude is always so schweepy

In this episode of how to alienate your chinese classmates we have the safety hat worn by school children in Beijing. I just assumed that these are worn countrywide by Chinese people. I learned that is not true as no one is from Beijing at my school and so no one had ever seen this kind of hat. I guess its just a Beijing thing. and thusly the alienation began, again. Here is Eguchi sensei who is like an elementary school student anyway.

kaiten sushi place in Atre 2 in meguro. its super cheap yet super good. Anago (sea eel)

mystery meat

crab and miso

found out after this experiment that it's some kind of eggplant. raw eggplant. i hate eggplant. well its ok in some things like curry but not eggplant sushi.

The immigration office in tokyo is on an island that is 2 islands away from Tokyo. I am lucky that i can ride my bike there in 20 min. others are not so lucky and have to take weird trains and buses to get to the office. They treat foreigners pretty badly here when it comes to these kind of matters. this rediculously low tunnel is on the way there near shinagawa. i cannont stand straight up in it without hitting my head. if you ride a bike through it you basically have to kiss your handle bars. So when was riding through it, head craned to the side along with everyone else with their heads craned to the side, i was thinking this is unbelievably retarded and funny and awesome at the same time. imagine if you had claustrophobia.

this place was weird. its in a remote corner of ebisu next to the train tracks. this sign is for the crappiest game center (arcade) in tokyo, pictured below.

what kind of crazy vegetable is this. the inspiration for godzilla's skin?

for the typography dorks

multi colored somethings

this house has been on the blog before. how many awesomes can your house have? its literally right next to a highway, the ocean bay, aaaaaaand there is a huge pipe running through it. if this ever goes on the market again its gonna be snatched up in an instant.

It's awesome to ride your bike around the waterways of tokyo and probably anywhere in the world.

I really like these paintings for some reason. They're Daisuke Nakayama's paintings. on display at the kodama gallery which is right down the street from me until Dec 18th, 2010.


Omotesando illumination from Smoke bar and grill in the roof of the Chanel building. this pic is split in two by the reflection off of the building.

Le Baron club tokyo. its supposed to be this famous club in france and this is the tokyo branch but i dont like this place. except for the awesome FX shot i got in this mirror.

This is Megumi. She always refers to herself in the third person as a shortened "Megu", which is not strange in this langauge, but it sounds pretty funny to an english speaker like me.