Yoon in Tokyo

So Debbie said there haven't been many misadventures lately. That's not true its just that I have been busy and haven't taken that many pictures. Is it because my new camera sucks super bad? or is it because things are slowly becoming less photo-worthy the longer i live here. This is the smallest post in recent memory so probably all of the above are true.

Oh look who it is. That A-hole Yoon. He came to visit me for a week in Tokyo. He works for the American Embassy in Seoul for the Foreign Services. So there aren't a lot of pictures because its basically a lot of drinking partying, going to clubs, and so on.

the ingredients for Goya Champloo. Food from the Islands of Okinawa. Spam, just like in Korea, is the result of American military influence. Is goya (bitter melon or something) the inspiration for godzilla?

anyway its basically stir-fry and is maybe the easiest Okinawan food to make and is super delish.

again with the magazines on everything. This one is about how to copy. looks like it covers everything from burning dvd's to copying youtube videos.

i guess its the 25 anniversary of the original nintendo. it was called Famicom in Japan. and it looks cooler and better than the square ones we got in the US. the controllers are cooler and there are even slots on the console to store the controllers.

this place Ladies' Heights has been abandoned and broken down since i have live in this area. whats going on here?

Me and Yoon (you know Yoon and I sounds so weird and gay even though its proper grammar) went to my friend Hideki's naba party at his house. it ended in Wii games like archery and ping pong. Anyway nice to hang out with real live japanese people at their real house.

Sappor beer festival in Ebisu. we didnt jump in though because this was one of the few nights where we weren't partying.

these centaur leg weirdos in yoyogi park. In other news things are going to get a little less interesting around here because Marco Pardo, my spanish classmate suddenly as left the house. Good luck back in Spain and thanks for leaving me all alone in Tokyo.