Tokyo Summer

another thing i hate about japan is all the rules. to leave the country and come back you have to get a re-entry permit. and to do that you first have to get a letter from your school saying you're ok. then you have to take the letter to tennou island or somewhere past shinagawa that is so far that you are greeted with shipping containers everywhere. that's a good place to put the immigration office. THEN you have to get a actual stamp that costs $35 that you lick that you have to buy at the convenience store downstairs and take it back upstairs to the immigration office where you wait online for them to stick it to a piece of paper and then give you a sticker in your passport saying you can come back. what an awesome process.

in the 80's i think japan put these concrete tetrapods everywhere they wanted to stop erosion only later it was found that they encourage erosion.

a Dolorean in roppongi!

they have magazines for everything here. this is a hamburger mag. i saw one about Bit Torrents once.

is this sleepy, drugged out, wall eyed girl supposed to be sexy. this is what faces look like at 4 am on a saturday night, not at morning tea time.

went to a club in shibuya where we were pleasantly surprised halfway through the night by 2 dancers that are supposed to be samba or raggae or some kind of style. anyway they just wore two bikini/strappy things and danced, and it was all awesome. anyway marco's moment of zen was ruined by my blurry camera. sorry marco hahahahah.