Tokyo Summer Tidbits

A short post of little tidbits from the summer.

I got this can of corned beef hash from Yoon when i was in Korea. He lives on the army base so their commissary is stocked with american goodies. Oh man was this de-lish. I missed this so much. It is also super greasy and unhealthy and looks like dog food but with some toast and two over easy eggs its the bomb!

mushi bye bye. its mosquito spray although i don't know how to use it. are you supposed to spray it in the air? are you supposed to spray it on your body? One time Fumika's dad came into the room with a similar can and sprayed one spray into the air and we were mosquito free for the night. is this the same stuff?

saw this on my run. its somewhere south of ebisu station. what is this mystery building?

i had to renew my passport this week. Its sad to put this old guy down. He has seen a fair amount of action in his 10 year run. 1 year study abroad in Korea in 2001. 1.5 years in China and 2 different chinese visas. 1 Hong Kong Trip. 1 Macau Trip. 1 year Japan visa, 2 additional Japan trips. 2 additional Korea Trips. Lets see how far the new one gets in its 10 year life.

$650 dollars paid to a visa agency magically changed my chinese visa from an L tourist visa into an F visa (business).

for some reason they gave me a 2 year visa in Korea when i studied there.

its been years since i made a physical portfolio. I forgot how much fun it is. no not really, all that cutting and arranging is not so fun anymore.

i found this guy like this and was sad for a day. A broken mar staedler H pencil. do you know how long this pencil can live for? like 2 years for me. I use these H pencils to do my preliminary sketches.

Hokkaido crew. Kohei, Akari and Johnson are from Sapporo from the same highschool. Kohei makes music and plays for various acts in Japan, famous ones too like SMAP and this concert we went to for Ai Kawashima. Ai Kawashima's music is definitly not crowd moving stuff. she tried to get the crowd moving but they were'nt really havin' that.